Article - Why Get a College Degree:

In recent years, the number of people graduating from universities and colleges has been steadily increasing, and this has made it more difficult for people with secondary education to secure good employment. A college degree does not only offer better employment opportunities, it also helps a person gain higher knowledge and skills, which can be useful in their careers as well as their everyday lives. Therefore, it is very important for students to try to get a college degree.

A college degree makes it possible for people to pursue a career in almost any industry. Those who do not have a bachelor’s degree will find that it is not easy to get employment in fields such as medicine, finance, academia, and law. Even if they manage to find employment in one of these fields, they may not be able to secure high positions, and their career advancement opportunities will be rather limited. On the other hand, those who have a college or university degree will be able to climb higher in their careers, and they can also choose to attend postgraduate school if they want to further enhance their career prospects. Most lawyers, engineers, politicians, scientists, and doctors have at least a college diploma in their respective fields.

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Attending a college or university will also give students a rewarding educational experience, and it will train them to be more independent and open-minded. The system of education in colleges is different from that of high schools, and students are required to be responsible for their academic progress. As such, college students will be more prepared to face the challenges that await them in the real working world. Also, interaction with other students and professors as well as participation in intellectually-stimulating activities will contribute greatly to a person’s mental development. With exposure to diverse points of view, college students will develop better tolerance for other people’s opinions and become more optimistic about their own futures.

One of the major benefits of having a college degree is the opportunity to gain better financial rewards. Generally, people who have a college or university degree will get better paying jobs than those who have only high school diplomas. This does not mean that college graduates will be ultimately be wealthier or more successful, since some people with only high school education have achieved great success in sports, entertainment, and business, and they have made millions of dollars at a very young age. In a normal situation, an employer will be obliged to pay a higher salary to a college graduate than a high school diploma holder. Also, those who have a college degree will get more opportunities for promotion, which will make their careers more financially rewarding in the long run.

College also allows students to explore various fields of study before they decide which career paths to take. Students who decide to look for employment right after high school may not be able to pursue a career that is suitable for them, since they have to make their career choices when they are just 18 years old. College students have four extra years to think about their careers, and they will mostly end up choosing careers that suit their interests and abilities.

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