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More and more students are turning to the world of online courses. The advantages of these types of programs are simply unmatched. Students can earn their (college diploma), on their own terms. Online courses offer the student the flexibility of both a work and school schedule on their own terms. Basically, they schedule school around their work and personal life rather than trying to rearrange their life for school. There are a few different colleges and universities in the UK offering these courses.

The Open University is one option for those living in the UK. This school opened its doors in 1969, with the sole intent of giving those ignored students a chance at a college degree. They focused on distance learning, using workbooks and other types of study materials that students used at home. Today, they offer online degree programs using the most advanced technologies. Students can actually hear lectures through a pod cast or watch professors as they discuss the week’s lecture over the internet.

The University of Liverpool also has an online degree program for students living or working in the UK. The focus of their program, though, is on advanced degrees, the equivalent of a Master’s degree in the United States. They require that students have an honors degree from a UK school or a Bachelor’s degree from a U.S. school. They offer programs in management, medicine and information technology.

The University of London offers an online program. They pride themselves on their flexibility and the fact that they help students find a degree without disrupting their regular routine. Known as the external system, the school lets students study on their own time and in a field they like. Some of their more popular programs include finance, psychology and common law.

There’s also the American Intercontinental University. As the name indicates, the school itself is based in the U.S., but they welcome students from around the world. They have several branches and campuses in other countries, including one in London. The course catalogue for their London campus focuses on courses specifically tailored to students living there. They offer programs in marketing, healthcare, criminal justice, business administration and a host of others.

Those interested in the arts and those with a creative flair will appreciate the courses from the International Academy of Design and Technology. The focus of this school is on the arts offering classes and degree programs. Only a high school education is required to earn a (diploma). The school has a two-year degree program for those planning on transferring to a traditional school and earning a four-year degree. Some of the programs they offer include fashion merchandising, graphic design and advertising.

Capella University is yet another school offering online degree programs in the UK. In addition to undergraduate degrees, they offer advanced degrees, including those at a professional level such as a PhD. Business management, education and health care are a few of the options they offer. Earning a diploma is suddenly a lot easier thanks to these schools offering online degree programs in the UK.

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