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Article - Degree Titles and Abbreviations: PhonyDiploma.com

A.A. - Associate of Arts

A.S. - Associate of Science

A.A.A. - Associate of Applied Arts

A.A.S. - Associate of Applied Science

A.B. - Bachelor of Arts

A.D.N. - Associate in Nursing

A.M. - Master of Arts

A.M.T. - Master of Arts in Teaching

B.A. - Bachelor of Arts

B.A.M. - Bachelor of Applied Mathematics

B.Arch. - Bachelor of Architecture

B.B.A. - Bachelor of Business Administration

B.C.E. - Bachelor of Civil Engineering

B.Ch.E. - Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

B.E.D. - Bachelor of Education

B.E.E. - Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

B.F.A. - Bachelor of Fine Arts

B.J. - Bachelor of Journalism

B.Lit. - Bachelor of Literature

B.M. - Bachelor of Music

B.M.S. - Bachelor of Marine Science

B.N. - Bachelor of Nursing

B.Pharm. - Bachelor of Pharmacy

B.S. - Bachelor of Science

B.S.B.A. - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

B.S.Ed. - Bachelor of Science in Education

B.S.E.E. - Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

B.S.N. - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

B.S.N.S. - Business Studies

B.S.P. - Bachelor of Professional Studies

C.E. - Civil Engineer

Ch.E. - Chemical Engineer

D.A. - Doctor of Arts

D.A.S. - Doctor of Applied Science

D.B.A. - Doctor of Business Administration

D.C. - Doctor of Chiropractic

D.D. - Doctor of Divinity

D.Ed. - Doctor of Education

D.L.S. - Doctor of Library Science

D.M.D. - Doctor of Dental Medicine

D.M.S. - Doctor of Medical Science

D.P.A. - Doctor of Public Administration

D.P.H. - Doctor of Public Health

D.R.E. - Doctor of Religious Education

D.S.W. - Doctor of Social Welfare or Doctor of Social Work

D.Sc. - Doctor of Science

D.V.M. - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Ed.D. - Doctor of Education

Ed.S. - Education Specialist

E.E. - Electrical Engineer

E.M. - Engineer of Mines

E.Met. - Engineer of Metallurgy

I.E. - Industrial Engineer or Industrial Engineering

J.D. - Doctor of Laws

J.S.D. - Doctor of Juristic Science

L.H.D. - Doctor of Humane Letters

Litt.B. - Bachelor of Letters

Litt.M. - Master of Letters

LL.B. - Bachelor of Laws

LL.D. - Doctor of Laws

LL.M. - Master of Laws

M.A. - Master of Arts

M.Aero.E. - Master of Aeronautical Engineering

M.B.A. - Master of Business Administration

M.C.S. - Master of Computer Science

M.D. - Doctor of Medicine

M.Div. - Master of Divinity

M.E. - Master of Engineering

M.Ed. - Master of Education

M.Eng. - Master of Engineering

M.F.A. - Master of Fine Arts

M.H.A. - Master of Hospital Administration

M.L.S. - Master of Library Science

M.Mus. - Master of Music

M.N. - Master of Nursing

M.P.A. - Master of Public Administration

M.S. - Master of Science

M.S.Ed. - Master of Science in Education

M.S.W. - Master of Social Work

M.Th. - Master of Theology

Nuc.E. - Nuclear Engineer

O.D. - Doctor of Optometry

Pharm.D. - Doctor of Pharmacy

Ph.B. - Bachelor of Philosophy

Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy

S.B. - Bachelor of Science

Sc.D. - Doctor of Science

S.J.D. - Doctor of Juridical Science or Doctor of the Science of Law

S.Sc.D. - Doctor of Social Science

Th.B. - Bachelor of Theology

Th.D. - Doctor of Theology

Th.M. - Master of Theology

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