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We have been offering the very best in Replacement & Novelty Fake Diplomas, Transcripts, Degrees and Certificates since 2001. We pride ourselves in top notch customer service and raising the bar on the highest quality documents available. Ask us about seeing a sample first or inquire about custom work if you have one you want us to make.

Often, when asked to present your degree, you may also be required to show proof of your diploma with grade score transcripts of the outlined coursework you completed. If you cant find it or its been damaged, don't find yourself in that awkward situation, we have you covered with professionally designed fake College and University transcripts from Schools Worldwide! 

Our realistic, professionally designed transcripts are customized with the courses and grades needed to pass and receive your diploma, as based on your Grade Point Average (GPA) and Degree and Major.

Top 9 Reasons our College and University Fake Degree and Transcripts Look So Realistic

- Printed on thermographic security paper, complete with glow fibers, which displays "Copy" or “Void” when your document is copied, verifying authenticity. 

- Customized with the classes you would have taken based on your date of graduation, Degree & Major and location. Need to customize your specific classes? We can assist with that! Simply select the “custom classes” option on the order form, and we’ll send you a skeleton file to complete with the classes that you’d like to have listed.

- Course list grading is customized to any Grade Point Average (GPA) that you choose. 

- "Official Document" watermark is printed on the background of all our Transcripts to further confirm authenticity.

- Each transcript is fashioned with full color seals, emblems, logos and coat of arms specific to your school of Graduation.

- We use attached security holograms further verifying your transcript originality.

- The Back of your transcript is printed with an accurate "Grading Key"

- Embossed "Registrar" seal and Signature of the Registrar is an available option!

- Every transcript is customized with your schools name, address, graduate information and dates the classes are taken.


What Countries are Available to buy a College and University Fake Diploma and Transcript?

We are proud to provide services Worldwide!  We have amassed the largest database of diplomas and degrees from Colleges and Universities the World has known. See side bar below for a list. If you dont see your country let us know!

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