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Answers - Fake Transcript questions

We have two ways you can order college or high school transcripts from us that can look and feel like the real thing.

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1. Reproduction of the actual design from a scan you provide.


We can completely recreate it front and back with text changes you request. Notice how realistic these fake transcript samples are.




2. Using our realistic "house-design" fake transcripts template.

Customize our “house” design with your school's name, logo, your name, GPA, classes and more. Our "house" template includes features common to most school transcripts. While not designed to match any individual school, they CAN include actual school logos and watermarks, and come with a wide range of options for seals, stamps and signatures. They are printed on actual transcript paper.


Back of Transcripts have the "Transcript Key" for added realism. Example below




What college transcript classes or courses are included?

Our basic product includes standard classes appropriate for most degree and majors. They are styled in a layout appropriate for 4 or 2 year semester-organized degrees. However, they may not include any specific course that you might want.

To help you, we also offer a "Custom Course" upgrade. If you need specific courses, upgrade to "Custom Courses" on the order form. We'll email you a word processing template outfitted with our standard course list for your fake transcript. Simply add, change or adjust the standard courses to your particular interests and email it back for printing and application of seals, stamps, emblems and signatures.

Can I choose my GPA?

Yes. Select your preferred fake transcript GPA and we'll adjust each class grade to make sure it adds up to the GPA you select.


What kind of paper are your fake transcripts printed on?

Our fake transcripts are printed on the same high quality paper and printed on the same equipment used to print real high school, college and university transcripts.

ThermoTech - The word “COPY” or "VOID" appears in background if you make a photocopy,

  • Watermark,
  • Security Fibers,
  • Glow Fibers,
  • 60# Offset Weight,
  • Available in a variety of colors.

What graduation date should I choose?

If you don't know the actual month or graduation, we recommend May for college and university graduation months and June for high schools. The year of graduation and exact date is up to you.

What's the difference between graduation date and issue date?
The "graduation date" is the date student graduated. The "issue date" is the date the documents were originally printed. The date will only differ for people ordering current "copies" of documents more than 10 years old. It's a way of explaining why the transcripts look new even though you "graduated" years before. It's as if you had just order new copies of your transcripts.


General Fake Transcript Information

Transcripts are designed to provide a record of proof of the type of schooling or education someone has. Many employers and all colleges will ask to see a copy of your transcripts when you go to apply for employment or transfer to a different school. You can choose from a US high school, college or university and also International transcripts as well.

Sometimes, people like to display their transcript in an office or keep a copy on file. Fake transcripts can be obtained easily, and look as authentic as the originals. High school and college transcripts are both valuable tools in getting people ahead in life. By purchasing fake school transcripts, one can have a nice display of the record of their education. A good fake transcript will also include the school’s symbol or seal on it, so that it looks just like the original. Getting an original transcript can often be a lengthy process, as there is a waiting period and usually a surcharge to obtain it. You must be able to prove positive identification, and also have been an actual alumni or current student of that particular school.

The reason schools keep records of someone’s educational background is to provide proof that they have successfully completed courses in various specific subjects. It also helps students to easily transfer earned credits over to another school if they move or want to change colleges. All colleges will ask to see a copy of one’s high school transcript to show their past educational experience. These records also indicate previous degrees and awards earned, so they make an excellent display for someone in the professional world. Fake transcripts make this display an easy process, and you will be able to frame them to show others your past achievements. Getting a copy of one’s original transcript from the school registry may be difficult, so by obtaining a fake transcript, you can have a nice looking copy to use for display or other purposes.

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