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Realistic Diploma Paper Stock

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We use top-of-the-line "DIPLOMA PAPER STOCK" for all our fake diplomas -- a similar paper used by many actual schools.  For fake US diplomas we offer 8" X 6", 8.5x11 and 11x14 sizes. For fake international diplomas we offer A4 size.  We can custom cut to any size within a 11" x 14" sheet -- just ask.

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Realistic Transcript Paper

College Transcripts Black All Inclusive  College Transcripts Blue All Inclusive
Transcript Watermark  College Transcripts Blue Paper

They may be fake transcripts, but there is nothing fake about our transcript paper. We offer a similar paper used by many high schools, college and universities. Available in several colors.

ALL our fake transcripts include:

  • ThermoTech (the word "VOID" or "COPY" appears in the background on copies)
  • Watermark - printed to resemble actual
  • Premium 60# Opaque Text and Acid free paper
  • Erasure alteration protection

We offer this color selection for fake transcripts:

Transcript Paper


Leather Textured Padded Diploma Folders

Our Leather Textured Padded Diploma Folders can add even more realism to your purchase. They are a great way to present and protect your fake diploma document.

These folders are available for 8" x 6", 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 14" sizes and say "Diploma of Graduation" embossed in gold foil on the front.

Fake Diploma Padded FolderFake Diplomas Presentation Folder


Authenticity is in the eye of the beholder, and nothing plays a more important role in making a fake diploma or transcript look authentic than the paper it is printed on. Diploma paper of the highest quality stock will persuade observers, both casual and discriminating, that the document in front of them is absolutely real. A phony diploma printed on parchment paper of the same type frequently used by actual high schools and colleges effectively simulates the genuine diplomas received by graduates from the nation’s most widely admired institutions of higher learning. Diploma paper is available in aged parchment, natural parchment, white parchment, and pewter parchment. Diplomas for schools in the United States are offered in two sizes: 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 14”. For international diplomas, paper is offered in standard A4 size.

The addition of school crests, seals, emblems, gold foil, signatures and raised lettering to diploma parchment enhances the document’s appearance of legitimacy. A diploma folder not only protects the document, but also adds a final touch of persuasive elegance. Diploma folders are bound in textured black leather, padded and come in sizes 8.5” x 11 and 11” x 14”. The front of the diploma folder is embossed in gold foil with the words “Diploma of Graduation.” After all, you would want to have the best for your diploma. We offer many accessories to make your phony diploma complete.


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