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What We Don't Do

We reserve the right to decline to produce orders if being used incorrectly. All items we sell are meant for restoration of damaged documents, replacement of lost or damaged, replacement for closed schools, extra copies for home/ office, novelty/fun, Theatrical/ Prop use for Ads and Movies, Temporary credentials if you are waiting on your real ones to come etc. We do not make these to be used as real if you are not on file with the school with the same credentials that we print.


Types of degrees we won't print

We won't produce diplomas with any level with MD, JD, LLB, DDS or any other degree from a law, medical, nursing or a degree in "Biotechnology." We won't print anything that might suggest someone could prescribe drugs or "treat" another person.

We will not produce any diplomas or certificates in fields dealing with flying an aircraft or anything related to aeronautics, driving a train or bus, securing the public interest or anything military-related. We will not print documents related to gas, oil, structural or engineering and construction or Chemical related.

We will not produce diplomas with text related to certified public accounting or real estate transactions or any type of government certification. We will also not produce diploma in the fields of construction, health or safety or anything biochemistry related. We do not print anything related to Financial Consulting. We will not print anything that's considered "certified" or "certification."

If we have any notion that you intend to use our products against the public interest or public safety, we will refuse your order.


Transcript Envelopes

Your transcripts will not come sealed in an envelope. They come direct to student


Print letters of attendance or acceptance

We won't print any sort of letter or envelope suggesting that your document is legitimate.


Verification Services

We offer replacemet/novelty high school diplomas, college diplomas, university diplomas and transcripts. Under no circumstance will we pretend to be a school to verify "authenticity" of our diplomas or transcripts. What we print must also be on file with the school. 


Homeland Security

We take our responsibility regarding Homeland Security very seriously. Because of the possibility that some people may use our fake diplomas for other than novelty purposes we choose to not manufacture or ship to the following areas:

  • Iran 
  • Cuba
  • Iraq 
  • Nigeria 
  • North Korea 
  • Libya 
  • Belarus 
  • Zimbabwe 
  • Myanmar 
  • South Yemen 
  • Sudan 
  • Syria 


We don't reproduce real people's signatures. Instead, you can choose to use our "in-house" names or order signature lines left blank. We will not print actual names of any real school administrator on any of our documents.


Infringe on Copyright

School seals and emblems are held under copyright. We do not reproduce them. Instead, we offer a slightly altered version of the necessary seals.


Products with names or images of:

If you are school administrator and would like us to NOT print our novelty documents with your school's name, please email us at support@docprinters.com and we will happily abide by your request.

  • Connecticut - US - Nothing to or from Connecticut or any school located in Connecticut 
  • Oregon - US - Nothing to or from Oregon or any school located in Oregon 
  • Purdue University any any related campus
  • George Mason University and any related campus
  • ACCA logo or any document including that logo
  • Mississippi State University Campuses
  • University of South Carolina Campuses
  • GED's
  • University of Oklahoma Campuses
  • Antioch University
  • Antioch College
  • Pearson - UK - BTEC, HND, HNC


Diploma Mill:

A diploma mill is classified as a life experience school. They claim that by buying their diplomas you are actually earning a degree, which is not the case. We are not a diploma mill and will not or ever claim that the products we make will earn you a degree. We make novelty, replacement, duplicate, restoration, or theatrical use only. Under no circumstance should you use your product to mis-represent yourself as having a degree if you did not earn one first.

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