High School and Secondary Sets

Buy a Replacement & Novelty Fake High School and Secondary diploma and transcripts full set, featuring real High School coursework and custom grading on official security paper!

Below you can buy high school diplomas and transcripts with the best quality, complete with real designs, accurate parchment and security paper and gold foil seals and emblems. You can get a copy of your high school diploma or transcript fast and easy from us backed with out 100% trust factor guarantee! Trust goes a long way in this business and we have your back with the reviews and longevity in the business to prove it. 17 years in the business and counting!! Order a fake high school or secondary diploma or transcript from the USA, Canada or anywhere around the world right here!

They are the perfect remedy for replacing a lost or damaged diploma and transcript or just to trick your friends.

Clients can get replacement or extra copies of the diplomas and transcripts from their own high schools right here on our site. This diploma company is capable of reproducing academic diplomas and certificates from thousands of high schools in the US and around the world. All you have to do is let Phony Diploma know which high school’s diploma you want to have made, as well as your name, date of graduation, and other details. Once the necessary information is given and payment is made, we will send the high school diploma and transcript order to you quickly and will get to you within your shipping time frame.

We are very well-known for our high quality reproductions of diplomas and other academic certificates and transcripts, and you can rest assured that you will receive a very authentic looking high school diploma from us with experience and trust in mind.



Professionally designed fake high school transcripts are important because they outline the actual courses you have taken to receive your diploma. Sometimes, all you need to show is your diploma, but in many circumstances, you will need to have proof of the outlined coursework you completed. 

With the highest attention to detail on the web, our transcripts include all the elements you would commonly find on real High School and Secondary School transcripts. Your student information, school details, high school courses, grading key on the back and grades adjusted to highlight your preferred GPA. All stock options for both Canada and USA schools ensure they look and feel like the real thing

What if I need a Diploma with my Transcripts?

If you need a Diploma to match your transcripts, please check out our Fake High School and Secondary School Diploma and Transcripts page for your complete academic package!

Top 9 Reasons our US High School and Canada Secondary School Transcripts Look So Real

- Printed on thermographic security paper, complete with glow fibers, which displays "Copy" when your document is copied, verifying authenticity. 

- Customized with the classes you would have taken based on your date of graduation and location. Need custom classes? We can assist with that!

- Course list grading is customized to any Grade Point Average (GPA) that you choose. 

- "Official Document" watermark is printed on the background of all our US and Canadian Transcripts.

- Each transcript is fashioned with full color State and Province seals and coat of arms.

- We use tamper-proof security holograms on your transcript further verifying it's originality.

- The Back of your transcript is printed with an authentic "Grading Key"

- Embossed "Registrar" seal and signature of the registrar is available

- Every transcript is customized with your schools name, address, graduate information and dates the classes are taken.

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