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Cancel Order

Can I cancel my order?


Unpaid Orders

You can cancel an unpaid order at any time. Unpaid ordered more than 30 days old are automatically cancelled.


Paid Orders

Please realize that we begin designing your product within hours of when you place your order. If we've already designed, produced and shipped your product we cannot offer a refund.


Paid with NO "Proof" Ordered

If we've already begun design, but it hasn't been shipped and you didn't order a "proof", we charge a 25% cancellation fee.


Paid and after you've received an email "PROOF" but before your product has shipped.

Hey, we've already done almost ALL the work you requested it certainly doesn't seem fair to allow you to cancel at all. But, we treat our customers MORE than fairly, so if you have been emailed the proof, but your product hasn't yet printed or been shipped, we charge a 50% cancellation fee. We think that's more than fair.




Amazing Quality

I ordered a diploma back in November 2016 and I was pleasantly surprised of how fast I received my diploma. When I received it I was amazed of the quality of the diploma. It looked exactly like an original. I highly recommend their services to anyone, And I do!!!

- Don Enscoe



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