Article - Colleges in Arizona that have closed, merged, or changed their names

College Name    City    State    Start Date    End Date    Affiliation    Other Information    Source
Academy of Business College    Phoenix    Arizona    
    proprietary    name change to Rhodes College in 2000 and to Everest College in 2002
American Indian Bible College    Phoenix    Arizona    1957    
    Assemblies of God    founded as American Indian Bible Institute; name change to American Indian Bible College in 1983 and to American Indian College of the Assemblies of God in 1994
Apollo College    Phoenix    Arizona    1976    
    proprietary    acquired by DeVry and operated by U.S. Education, a wholly owned subsidiary; after June, 2010, along with the former Western Career College (CA),will change to Carrington College; Apollo operated at sites in Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Las Vegan, Portland, Spokane, and Boise
Arizona Bible College    Phoenix    Arizona    1971    1998    
Arizona Bible College
   of Biola College    Phoenix    Arizona    
    Songe, Alice H.  American Universities and Colleges: A Dictionary of Name Changes.  1978.
Arizona International College    Tuscon    Arizona    1996    2001    state supported    experimental liberal arts college of the University of Arizona    The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 2, 2001
Central Arizona College    Coolidge    Arizona    
    state supported    name change from Pinal County Community College District to Central Arizona College in 1979
Del Rey College    Phoenix    Arizona    
    Songe, Alice H.  American Universities and Colleges: A Dictionary of Name Changes.  1978.
Ganado College    Ganado    Arizona    
Gila College    Thatcher    Arizona    1924    
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints    several name changes…Gila Normal College, Gila Junior College, and Gila College; became public institution in 1932 with county funding; joined state system as Eastern Arizona Junior College in 1962
Scott, Thomas Alexander. Eastern Arizona College: A Comprehensive History of the Early Years.  Ed.D. dissertation. 1985.
Grand Canyon College    Prescott    Arizona    1946    
    Baptist General Convention of Arizona     name change to Grand Canyon University in 1989    
Navajo Community College    Tsaile    Arizona    1968    
    Navajo Nation    
now Diné College; was the first college established by Native Americans for Native Americans; first baccaleaureate degrees awarded in 1998
Northern Arizona Normal School    Flagstaff    Arizona    1899    
    state supported    name change to Northern Arizona State Teachers College in 1925; name change to Arizona State Teachers College in 1929 and to Arizona State College in 1945 and to Northern Arizona University in 1966
Prescott College    Prescott    Arizona    1966    1975
Prescott College    Prescott    Arizona    1975    
    established as Prescott Center College after 1975; name change to Prescott College in 1982
Southwestern College    Phoenix    Arizona    1960    
    name change to Arizona Christian University in 2011
Tempe State Teachers College    Tempe    Arizona    1885    
    state supported    founded as Arizona Territorial Normal School at Tempe; name changed to Arizona Normal School in 1896, to Normal School of Arizona in 1899, to Tempe State Teachers College in 1925, to Arizona State Teachers College in 1928, to Arizona State College at Tempe in 1945, and to Arizona State University in 1958    Brenner, Morgan G.  The Encyclopedia of College & University Name Histories.  2003.

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