Article - Top 10 Degree-Free Jobs:

Earning a college degree is not for everyone, some individuals simply want to earn a high school diploma and get to work sooner than later. Individuals interested in diving deep into the job market should consider Kiplinger's suggestions for the Top 10 jobs for those without a college degree.

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Statistics show that student debt is the nation's fasted growing economic problem. Students of the graduating class of 2011 were stuck with an average of $27,000 in student debt; the numbers are only going to go up in the future. Individuals looking to dodge that bullet can immediately get into the action in the following fields:

  • 10. Manufacturing Sales Reps: For social butterflies hungry for money, sales jobs provide some of the best earning potential regardless of if a person holds a college degree or not. Wholesale reps market represent companies and sell there wares directly to businesses and government agencies. A highschool diploma is part of the equation; a strong work ethic, outgoing personality and a desire to succeed also help.
  • 9. Telecommunications Equipment Installers: those who grew up in the 1980s realized that one day the geeks would inherit the earth; the time is now and tech-savvy folks not interested in earning a bachelor's degree may thrive with tasks such as setting up routers and telecom lines. While a college degree is not really important credentials such as earning a certificate may be in order.
  • 8. Insurance Sales Agents: For those who have the endurance, sales positions present some of the best degree free job opportunities out there. Insurance is big business and the typical insurance agent's salary is 13 percent greater than the national average. Sharp thinkers who are quick on their feet and willing to learn only need a high school diploma and the chance to succeed in this field.
  • 7. Construction and Building Inspectors: Even in the toughest economies, construction still goes on and individuals who either like to build things or have the skills to properly judge of the work of others can find opportunities either doing construction or as licensed building inspectors as proper certification is more than likely a requirement.
  • 6. Piping Experts: Plumbing has been around for thousands of years and those who have the ability to unclog drains and stop drips are super heros in their own right! Earning a career degree and state licensing may be part of the process. Additional career choices for pipe lovers include pipefitting or steamfitting.
  • 5. Dry Wall Tapers: Did we mention that construction is booming business. Tapers prep the walls for the painters and can earn a reasonable paycheck without having to pay for a college diploma.
  • 4. Electricians: Electricity and construction go together hand in hand, and as technology advances, so does the need for having enough power to run gadgets. After earning a high school diploma, individuals can either go to a trade school or secure a paid apprenticeship.
  • 3. Commercial Pilots: Some people have higher aspirations than others, and for those looking to soar like a bird becoming a commercial pilot can be a perfect career choice. Flying is the best way to get the skills and qualifications needed to advance as a pilot.
  • 2. Brickmasons and Blockmasons: Ala the three little pigs, some people want to live in homes made of bricks and these specialized craftsmen are the people to do the job. Instead of having to pay to gain knowledge, three- to four-year paid internships to learn the craft are the norm.
  • 1. Pile-Driver Operators: As America is trying to ween itself off of energy imports, local drilling has become big business and people who can work pile drivers have plenty of opportunities.
  • Despite the glaring differences in the various career paths, they all have several things in common. They all have the potential to allow workers to earn more than $45k a year and job growth is expected in the future. Best of all, they allow a person to enter the work force earlier and not have to invest a fortune in order to advance professionally.

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