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In this 21st century online certificate prove the knowledge and competency of the applicant. There are various online certificate providers such as Cisco, networking online certificate, Microsoft online certificate, ccnp online certificate, English competency online certificate, scholarship aptitude online certificate test, etc. There are various other certifications provided by many governments worldwide to test the capability and performance of the applicant. Most of these exams issue an online certificate.

Some of the tests and certifications required by governments worldwide are IELTS, TOFFEL, GRE, etc. A candidate needs to get through these online tests to prove his competency. There are various other online tests to test the competency of the candidate according to his/her qualification. Microsoft has wide range of exams on different fields to test the candidate’s qualification. Some of the most important fields in which Microsoft tests the ability of the candidate are MS Office online certificate, Excel online certificate, Access, Share point, Administration, Database administration, programming, etc. Online certificates are issued if you qualify the exam.

There are various online certificates from Cisco in the fields of Routing and switching, design, network security, service provider, storage networking, voice, wireless, etc. There are other various specialist online certificates from cisco such as advanced routing and switching online certificates, data centre online certificates, foundation for channel partners online certificates, IP communication certifications, VPN and security certifications and wireless LAN online certificates. These online certificates can be shown to prospective employers easily. Online certificates and physical certificates can be given easily by the employer.

There are other English online tests and certifications which assess your capability in English and assign you your grade accordingly. A+ certifications also asses your ability in applying the knowledge you have gained from your field of study. IT online certificates are also provided by the employer.

One of the primary benefits of certifications is that it is recognised world over as a measure of competency. Most of these certification exams have same quality and competency level. These certification exams are opted world over due to their popularity. These certifications are mostly available in English. Online certificate courses are mostly in English but in some circumstances they are available in different languages. English being the business language in many countries people have adopted this language for assessing the competency.

Fees for these online certificate exams might differ in fees for people taking the exam in developing countries due to relative backwardness in technology and infrastructure. Many of these tests do have the same quality of relative toughness. Percentages of people qualifying from these tests are low in number due to the relative toughness of these tests. These tests thoroughly check the aptitude and depth of knowledge of the student on the subject.

Many companies give promotions to their existing employees based on their certifications from leading companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, etc. Some of the online certificates which are in demand are IT project management online certificate, PHP online certificate, networking certification, HTML coding online certificate, etc. Professionals are recognised based upon their experience and the extent of certification they obtained in their course of study.

Some certification companies require experience before a candidate can register for online certificate programs. Online certificate tests assess the practical and cognitive abilities of the student. A candidate can take an online test in various different ways such as

1) Computer Assisted assessment or computer aided assessment.

2) Computer mediated assessment

3) Computer based assessment

4) Online assessment.

Online certificate exams have cut off mark which a candidate should obtain to clear the exams. After clearing the cut off mark a candidate will be assessed accordingly and grades will be presented.

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