Article - Which careers require a Communications degree:

Communication is a learned skill, essential to human life. It encompasses the ability to speak, listen, write, and communicate nonverbal messages. Communications majors learn to speak eloquently, communicate through written messages, and utilize visual data to aid in spreading messages. Communications is a general type of college degree which students can tailor to their needs by picking an area of focus. Those choosing this career path will also be excited to know that all industries need skilled communicators. Companies prize communications majors because they can effectively interact with team members, clients, and business partners. Strong language skills and the ability to take charge also make it easy to find work within this discipline.

Mass Communication

Interested in writing, editing, producing, hosting, or talking with listeners on the radio? Then mass communication is a career choice to consider. Mass communication or electronic media, includes hosting radio, talk shows, and news broadcasts. Those in this career can also find opportunities behind the scenes working in selling advertising, handling technical issues to keep a show running smoothly, editing film, producing, directing, and carrying out administrative duties. Competition is fierce and graduates with only Associates diplomas might not get the glamorous job of interviewing celebrities they envisioned.


Journalism has always been a popular career choice in communications. Journalists gather information, interview subjects, and break important news stories. Those with communication related degrees find opportunities exist to work at small local newspapers, regional publications and award winning national magazines as writers, editors, and researchers. The need for skilled writers to address the online audience has also created an increasing need for professional writers and bloggers online. Journalist may work for publications that address serious issues such as health care, education, or customized diplomas. Others however, write about more scandalous news such a celebrity couples and breakups.

Public Relations

Relish the idea of handling the public perception of a company and fixing a tarnished image? Consulting firms, governments, non-profits, and businesses rely on communications specialists to do just that. These individuals are often responsible for writing press releases, preparing company speeches, researching brand perception, preparing publicity opportunities, and developing emergency response samples. Diploma owners can find opportunities as publicity managers, press agents, and public relations directors.

Communication is critical to the success of any business, government, or family. A double major in communications with technology, law, health, or International relations offers excellent preparation for communicating in all types of situations.

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