Article - Law Degree Career Options:

There is a general assumption that people with a law degree go on to practice law, but that isn’t always the case. The process of earning the degree does train students on the facets of law, but it also trains them in a number of areas. The research, writing, and public speaking areas of law school prepare students with this degree to work in a variety of fields.

Those with a law degree who have no interest in practicing law often consider the teaching profession. There are many professors teaching law that have not practiced law.  These individuals may or may not have passed the bar exam, but they decided to focus their attention on teaching the next generation of students.

Another option for those with a law degree is the political venue. There are a number of politicians in all levels of government who possess a law degree. Jobs such as mayor, congressman, senator or even the local councilman are available to those with this type of degree. These individuals will also have luck when it comes to finding a job in the government on the state, local, or national level.

The non-profit arena is another area where people with a law degree often work. The students learn skills in school that help them keep organizations running and working with those both inside and outside of the non-profit organization. These groups also need people who can write the proposals that non-profits need to earn group grants that keep these organization running. All of these skills are learned in school.

Those students that want to pursue a career in law as a lawyer must pass the bar exam after finishing their law degree. They can then decide what type of law they’re interested in practicing and the type of job they want. Lawyers are called upon to work in a large number of fields, both in the private and public sectors.

In the private sectors, lawyers work in areas such as corporate or criminal law. They may work for a specific company or they may work with other lawyers and specialize in one field. Probate law, criminal law, and corporate law are all examples of private sector jobs. In terms of the public sector, lawyers work to protect the needs of their clients based on lawsuits and laws relating to the public interest.

Lawyers are also called upon by the government for help. The government hires lawyers who work with local law enforcement to prosecute criminals or, in some cases, defend individuals. The Assistant District Attorney is one example of this type of job. Additionally, people with law degrees can work as public defenders for the state or local government. This individual is called upon to defend criminals that cannot afford to pay for a private lawyer.

There are a number of jobs available for those who possess a law degree and not all of those jobs require passing the bar exam. There are options for those who never attempt to take the bar exam and for those who fail the exam. These individuals can still put their law degree to use.

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