Article - Getting a Fake High School Diploma and Transcript:

If you think that you can’t get a fake diploma or a fake college transcript that looks so original that almost everyone would think that you have earned it, then you need to think again. While it is difficult to find a company which can offer completely authentic looking fake diplomas and transcripts, we remain one company that delivers highly original looking falsified documents.

If you need a fake high school diploma from a highly reputed institute like British Columbia Canada etc, all you need to do is to provide information regarding the school,  the date of graduation, the name of the graduate and the paper size of the diploma and you will get a very original diploma right in your hands. It’s not that the diploma would look original and would feel authentic as well with the use of fonts and texts and emblems that are frequently used by schools on high school diplomas, but it would also feel your property because it would be customized to bear your name and graduation date as well. You can also get a diploma folder similar to what high school diploma holders get when they graduate to make it all look all the more authentic.

If you want a transcript as well along with the fake high school diploma of a school, you can also get it from our company. All you need to do is to offer information like the school’s address, the date the transcript was issued, the student ID number, the date of birth of the student, the GPA you got and the courses that were offered. To make the transcript look more original, you can also decide to get an embossed stamp with the words ‘Registrar’ and get a stamp with the words ‘Issued to Student’ as well. At the end of it all, you would get a transcript that feels just like your own with your name and date of birth on it and everyone would surely believe that you attended the school to get it.

You can ask for a simple scanned copy before the original document gets shipped in order to see for yourself how the diploma and transcript would look upon delivery.


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