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A college degree in business is very practical because the skills learned in school can be applied to many different types of companies. A business graduate can find employment in a variety of jobs, such as banking, insurance companies, retail establishments, and many types of corporations. A business student receives a broad overview of many functions of the business world. Some topics learned include statistical analysis, mathematics, and the ability to communicate information both verbally and in writing. Students develop leadership qualities and decision making abilities.

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A graduate of a bachelor’s degree program is prepared to pursue entry-level jobs in accounting, finance, sales, and marketing. A business degree offers a general foundation that can be used for a wide variety of careers. There aren’t many industries in which knowledge of business wouldn’t be useful.

The list of companies that might employ a graduate with a business degree is endless. Employment can be obtained in retail establishments both large and small, financial industries, health care organizations, nonprofit organizations, and marketing firms.

A business degree can lead to a job as a business manager. A business manager is expected to oversee and organize the operations of the company. This requires good leadership and organizational skills. They may be responsible for training and recruiting staff, as well as supervising the performance of staff.

A retail manager is a business manager in a retail setting, such as a pharmacy, department store, or a grocery store. In addition to the skills needed to be a business manager, a retail manager is responsible for managing inventory and promoting good customer relations. With experience, it’s possible to move into higher paying jobs overseeing an entire retail chain.

A student who adds a concentration in accounting or finance to their business degree may obtain employment as a staff accountant or auditor. They may be hired as a management trainee at a bank or credit union. Opportunities also abound in law offices, real estate offices, and loan companies.

Nonprofit organizations require business professionals to help make their programs work. These organizations often need to function on a limited budget. They may require assistance with marketing, fund raising, and management. A graduate with a business degree may be very welcome at these organizations.

A business degree combined with teaching certification courses may result in employment at an elementary school, middle school, or high school. Advanced education may lead to teaching opportunities at a business school or post-secondary school.

A business degree can also be useful for the individual who wants to start a home business. A solid education is a great advantage for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Many home business owners learn through trial and error, and making mistakes is often considered part of the learning process. An education helps to avoid some of these mistakes. A business graduate already has knowledge of accounting, record keeping, and marketing.

A business degree gives a student many useful skills. It can open the door to an almost unlimited variety of career choices.


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