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Author: Ronald Newton

For reasons of political correctness, grants and funding, public schools label students entering GED study as transfer students not drop outs. 46% of high school seniors can't pass the GED tests yet they will get a diploma! A 64% passing rate for students should kick in “no child left behind” stipulations.

Is the high school claiming that these students weren't educable? Were the public school teachers not doing their jobs with the kids? Expectations may be the reason drop out rates are still present and no clarion call or doom is being raised. If you expect children to live up to stereotypes observed aren't you communicating that failure is a viable option for some students? If I can't respect you, why should I learn from you? If you expect me to fail, why should I try I try to prove you wrong? How can a parent get a voucher to get their child out of a failing school? If I don't like what you are doing to me, I might as well let you expel me.

The need for a basic education is not debatable or a foolish luxury. GED students appear to do it without a public school teacher. With the advent of the Internet students get their GED's preparation online out of the high school environment. They also don't have money thrown at them to motivate them to get a GED. I have met some good teachers and bad students, poor teachers and good students. So far I haven't seen agreement between students and teachers about the role of education in school.

GED students may just hear another beat outside of the role society affixes to them. They are the Frank Sinatra, Bill Cosby, or Flip Wilson who obtained a GED in lieu of a diploma. They don't act like the typical drop out! Someday there might be programs setup to get drop outs to drop in and get a basic education. A GED graduate typically understands that he or she needs society's working papers. They go about getting their GED. After that many pursue a two year degree and a four year degree. Employers want to know what it is you know! Most employers are not setup to handle the uneducated or those not in the cultural mainstream.

What is the last positive image or story about the GED you heard? When does the mass media celebrate GED graduations or even talk about them? I understand that a GED is better than nothing. That a high school diploma is better than a GED. What really is required is a two and or four year degree in order to compete in today's job market! Now we see the impact of learn how to teach yourself or having a good teacher. We have serious problems and costs produced by drop outs.

Society will be forced to deal with the economic fallout, law enforcement costs, and anger of drop outs. Cleaning restrooms, working in the fast food sector, or drug running appears to be the growth job opportunities for drop outs. Is it too difficult to provide an alternative basic education to them? No, simply the will to do so is lacking. Responsibility is a great weapon of destruction to those who don't want to be responsible. By now I hope you will agree that GED students are not drop outs.

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Ronald E. Newton retired IBM Networking Consultant 25+ years developing online business networks, promoting and establishing online classes for the GED and SAT preparation. Resides: Greensboro, NC Education: BS CNE CCNA MCP Website: You may contact me at my website.

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