Article - Types of Fake Certificates:

There are many versions of fake certificates available nowadays in addition to fake diplomas and degrees. The popularity of such novelty items has increased as people have started using them to play pranks on their friends. Most of these fake certificates are used for harmless fun and are available for a very nominal price. The main purpose of all the types of fake certificates is to entertain, they are not meant to gain an unfair advantage or to fool the authorities. They are just a tool for people to laugh and enjoy. There are many types of such fake certificates which include fake marriage certificates and fake death certificates.

The fake marriage certificates (which we don't offer)  are among the best novelty items as they provide you a chance to get married to your favorite celebrities. It is a fun way of making your friends laugh. Tell them that you have married one of the Hollywood actors or actresses and that you also have proof of that too. Show them the fake marriage certificate that you have bought. They will be able to identify it as a fake, but for a moment the reaction that they will give you is going to be incredible and immensely funny. You can easily get a fake marriage certificate from a novelty store online without having to pay much for it either.

The fake death certificates (which we don't' offer) also have a same kind of an impact on the people as well. A prank that you can pull off on your friends with a fake death certificate is to send it to your local newspaper and have them feature your name in the obituary section. Your friends will rush to your place thinking that you are dead, providing you the chance to enjoy their reactions before they realize you have fooled them all. The fake death certificate would not be able to fool the professionals, but would certainly do a number on your friends.


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