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A novelty diploma has many uses; it could be a gift, a prop for a theater production or a play, or even a decoration in your home or office. Listed below are the many uses and reasons why a novelty diploma is one of the most sought after novelty items:

1) Your school or community will have a theatrical production and one of the props is a diploma. Surely, you do not need a real diploma for this. In reality, nobody will lend you their actual diploma since accidents could happen anytime, if ever someone would lend you their real diploma, it might be misplaced or mishandled. Consequently, using a novelty diploma for theatrical production is a good idea. The novelty diploma that will be used in a theatrical production could also serve as a memento or a wonderful keepsake for the director, producer or lead actors.

2) A novelty diploma could also be used as decorations for a graduation ceremony. Novelty diplomas will certainly make a nice addition in terms of decorations since those are apt symbols when it comes to graduation. Imagine the stage during your graduation, and it will be decorated with novelty diplomas, surely with the additional decorations such as the novelty diplomas, the stage will look more festive.

3) Novelty Diplomas could also be a very funny gag gift. They will make a wonderful gift for your sister, brother, cousin or friend. A novelty diploma will be a wonderful gift for birthdays, Christmas and most especially graduation parties. When you give someone a fake diploma as a gift, this will be seen as a funny gift and will certainly brighten the mood of the recipient. Novelty diplomas could also serve as a symbolic gift for a friend or a relative. When you give a friend or relative a novelty diploma with the intent of giving a symbolic gift, the novelty diploma will serve as a symbol or a reminder of that long forgotten dream of a college degree.

4) A novelty diploma could also serve as a replacement for your real diploma. Most of us want to display our diploma, to fully protect our diploma we placed it in a frame. What if the time comes that you have to use your diploma and it is already framed? This will be an additional hassle on your part, so what you could do is get a novelty diploma and have it framed. That novelty diploma could be displayed instead of your real diploma. With this kind of action, your real diploma will be protected and this will also ensure the safety of your real diploma.

5) When you are having a difficult time in getting your original diploma from your school, then you could also order a novelty diploma. This will certainly not be an issue, since you already have a real diploma and you just wanted to get another copy to save time and money, since novelty diplomas are cheaper compared to a real diploma.

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