Article - Art Degree Careers:

There is a lot of rewarding work opportunities available to a graduate who has earned a degree in art. In fact, an art degree is desirable because it does not limit a person to one particular work environment or job title. In the search for employment, it is important for an art school graduate to seek out a workplace where their thorough knowledge of art will be valued and appreciated.

A career as an artist is one option for a person who's earned a degree in art. A background in art history, artistic styles, and various techniques in art is an invaluable advantage to a person who aspires to be an artist. The qualities of perseverance and dedication an art student develops during their school years will prove helpful in the struggle to become a successful artist. An art school graduate would be well advised to experiment with different forms of artwork until they find the style of expression that suits them best.

Teaching art is another interesting occupation for someone who's earned a degree in art. A person with a college diploma in art may find enjoyment in a position as a private tutor who specializes in art instruction. An art degree would also be beneficial in teaching an art class to preschool children or instructing teenagers in art history during an after school program. Students of all ages can profit from learning about artists and great works of art. Becoming a teacher is a fulfilling way for a graduate of art school to share their love of art while earning an income.

A position as a tour guide in a local art museum is an intriguing choice for anyone who has earned a diploma in the study of art. The thought of spending a work day amongst beautiful works of art and sculpture is one of the biggest perks of a job as an art museum tour guide. In addition, an art school diploma is an enormous asset in a job interview for a tour guide position. The powerful combination of knowledge and enthusiasm makes a person with an art degree the perfect candidate for employment as an art museum tour guide.

The occupation of professional art critic is also a suitable vocation for a person with a degree in art. The knowledge garnered through years of academic study proves extremely helpful in evaluating emerging forms of artwork. Oftentimes, newspapers and magazines hire professional art critics to contribute regular columns. A person might even launch their career as a freelance art critic to begin building an excellent reputation within the realm of critics. Attending gallery openings, interviewing artists, and touring new art exhibitions are all exciting ways for a person who has earned a degree in art to experience the creative talents of up and coming artists.

Whether it is creating art, teaching it, or critiquing it, a person with a degree in art has a variety of opportunities to find an exciting occupation in the dynamic world of art.

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