Article - The Importance of Getting a Business Degree:

A business degree is not just learning about business. In fact, this degree allows students to learn a wide range of skills that can be utilized in their career after securing the degree. A business degree covers topics, such as accounting, business management and human resources – subjects that come handy when finish school and chart out a career. Armed with a business degree, students have a better chance of being successful in their chosen career path. However, there are many reasons why students pursue a business degree.


Better Emoluments

One of the main reasons why students opt for business degree is securing a better salary after graduation. A student with a business major usually earns about $30,000 in a small city, while in larger cities, this starting salary can go up to $50,000, if not more. If a student opts to specialize then he or she can get a higher starting salary.


Networking Opportunities

Most business schools have chapters and forums aimed at alumni. These are avenues for networking, as many of the schools regularly hosts events for their alumni and allow them to meet and forge relationships with each other. Students and alumni can rub shoulders together at these events which can be used in the future when the students are looking for jobs.


Better Job Prospects

Once students have a business degree, higher level jobs open up. Private companies, corporations and banks prefer hiring business majors, as they are already equipped with knowledge that can be translated into productivity with little or no training. Furthermore, most employers today want business majors who are up-to-date with current technology and have adequate knowledge of future trends in technology. This does away with the need to train the new joinees in technology that most organizations use.


Working towards an MBA

Many students after completing their business degree want to attend a graduate school and earn a Master of Business Administration or MBA. If a student has an MBA, his or her starting salary would be anywhere from $60,000 to $80,000 per annum, based on their geographical location. After a bachelor’s degree, an MBA takes another two years. This line of study teaches students about the business world and how companies work. An MBA boosts a student’s chance of securing a job.


Today, many students are opting for a business degree, as they want to be able to find the right job immediately after leaving college. While the economy is struggling and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right job, business majors do not face the same issue. As a matter of fact, business majors tend to find jobs more easily compared to other students.


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