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Author: Tony Jacowski

It is no secret that surgeons earn a hefty $189,590 annual salary on an average in the United States today. But the most unexpected news is the salaries of physicians' assistants whose yearly average annual salary is an astonishing $63,490. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that their minimum qualification is a college degree and in addition a mandatory accreditation course. It is interesting to know which jobs are the top 10 paying ones in America. There are many surveys producing different results. Although there are some minor differences, most of them agree at least 7 out of 10 times.

The Best Paying Jobs in The United States

Interestingly, surgeons scored 7 points over CEOs, whose average annual salary was $134,960. The skill and the complex nature of the work contributes to their high salaries. That they carry a student loan of upto $100,000 is another factor that contributes.

The top professions on the list is followed by anesthesiologists with $181,420, Obstetricians and gynecologists earning $179,640, Internists, general $158,350 and the list goes on. In 9th place are dentists, whose reported annual average earning is $133,350. With the exception of the CEO who stands at the 8th position in the list, the top professions are all dominated by medical and healthcare professionals.

Personal financial advisors may find a place in the list of top ten earners, were it not for the huge variation in their earnings. An extremely brilliant personal financial advisor may earn up to $145,000 but the lower end is a paltry $28,330. The high salary fluctuation is because of its high growth potential coupled with high economic growth and the educational index required by the job.

Medical scientists earn an average of $100,000, which may be a measly sum, considering their educational backgrounds (PhD & doctoral degrees). But they precede podiatrists ($94,500), lawyers ($91,920), optometrists ($88,100) and computer and information systems managers whose salaries are around $83,890.

Surprisingly, so many other jobs and careers pay significantly higher salaries than positions in federal and state governments. For example, take the salaries of judges, which are positions of high significance in the society, which are at a level of $79,540. This can be understood by looking at the enterprising nature of corporations that hire these professionals.

Let's, now take a look at the next top 10 paying careers in brief:

1.Pilots, co pilots and flight engineers$99,400pa

2.Marketing managers$78,410pa

3.Computer software and applications engineer$76,310pa

4.Biomedical engineer$70,520;

They are trained in biology as well as engineering and work to develop solutions to health problems.

5.Environmental engineer$67,620
They work to fight damages to environment

6.Computer systems analyst$67,520
Systems analysts ensure that organizations make the best of their technological resources

7.Database administrator$61,950

Database administrators create and manage large quantities of financial, inventory and customer data.

8.Physical therapist$61,560

9.Network systems and data communication analyst$61,250


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