Article - Best College Degree:

When students begin looking at college, they often wonder, “What is the best degree to get?” There are some who say the best degree is the one the student is actually interested in, and that they should choose a major that they are interested in. There’s some merit in this idea because if the student stays interested in their major, they have a better chance of finishing their degree and remaining passionate about it. That passion shows during job interviews and when meeting with prospective employers.

Another way of looking at it is by examining which (college diplomas) and majors are currently on the rise. The United States Department of Labor examines current market trends and the future as a way of determining the future prospects for different jobs. They release their findings frequently, and many use them as a way of determining which jobs to study for and which careers they should avoid. There are always job types on the rise and job types on the decline.

Many studies have found that green jobs are currently on the rise. These are jobs that focus on finding alternative energy sources and working in renewable areas. Studies claim that up to 24% of the labor force will be working in this area by 2030. There are a number of careers open in this field, which results in different (diplomas) gaining in popularity.

As green technology continues to grow, the need for trained workers in this field will only rise. Students who take internships and work in the field during college have a better chance at finding employment upon graduation. Since there are a number of majors that have an impact in this field, there are different degrees that remain helpful. These are viewed by many as the best degrees to obtain.

The first area is engineering, both mechanical engineering and other types of engineering. These workers have the experience and training needed to work in alternative energy fields. They ensure that the manufacturing plants are working properly and handle any problems that arise. There are scientists working in the research labs, hoping to create different types of energy sources. Science degrees remain one of the better degrees to get.

Green technology needs workers experienced in computers, which is why computer science and information technology degrees are also on the rise. There are only a certain number of people trained in this field; however, the need for workers keeps growing every year. Technology itself has been on the rise for the last few decades, but there are only a small number of students entering the workforce. The demand for those with a college degree in this area will remain high.

Students interested in the creative fields will find a degree in this field is highly sought after. Advertising agencies and businesses hire these students to help in their campaigns and creation of the campaigns. They need qualified workers that can put together a campaign quickly, especially using different types of computer software in that process. These degrees remain the best college degrees to get.

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