Article - Marketing Degree Job Options:

Businesses cannot thrive without their customers, and those involved in marketing know just how important these customers’ role is in their success. People interested in achieving a college diploma in marketing can look toward a number of different career paths. Marketing is the ability to reach customers through communication, whether through advertising or other forms of employment. Businesses need marketers to assist them with getting the word out about their products, and those with a school diploma in marketing are just the ticket.

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Marketing majors can have a number of different careers including commercial jingle writing, logo design, store front product placement, flyer creation and distribution, and much more. It truly is a major and career path for the creative minded, since being able to reach millions of people through communication is the key to success.

Having a college diploma in marketing does not have to limit one simply to advertising. Public relations are another sector of employment related to marketing. Marketing requires good communication skills and the ability to talk to people. Public relations are hand in hand with this type of work, and many people who get their school diploma in marketing can move into this type of job. Some common job titles for those with degrees in marketing include sales representatives, media buyers, credit analysts, media planners, public relations directors or organizers, and promotions directors, to name a few.

People interested in marketing should also have a strong background in business basics. Newspapers and magazines, as well as labor unions and banks all look for people with marketing degrees. Having a solid knowledge of how business works is absolutely essential when it comes to being successful in marketing. Companies need people who understand how to operate in this type of environment while being sensitive to their customers’ needs.

There are no limits to where people can work once they receive their college diploma in marketing. Anything from government agencies to Fortune 500 companies, local small businesses to government contractors are all constantly searching for talented people with marketing degrees. Most major universities offer both associates and bachelor’s degree in marketing. A good idea is to create a portfolio of past work (such as ads you’ve created or commercials you’ve helped write, etc), as this will help show potential employers your ability and skills. A proven track record is helpful. Meaning anything you’ve created in terms of marketing should have reaped good results for the particular business you worked for.

On the job training is one of the best ways to learn the ins and outs of marketing. Sometimes, an unpaid internship while in school can lead to full time employment upon graduation. It also opens many other doors and shows other employers that the graduate is serious about being a success in this field. Marketing is a competitive and dynamic type of work, but it is also fun and allows people to use their creativity in a business environment.

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