Article - Best Ways to Prep for a Job Interview:

Effort, luck and timing are all instrumental to success; it is for that reason that some job interviews feel better and yield greater opportunities than others. Job seekers trying to move forward will attest that effort is the only situation that can be controlled during the job search process and learning the best ways to prep for a job interview can help individuals gain as much control over the situation that they can.

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Anyone who has looked for a job in the past few years will tell you that the competition is steep. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of February 2013, there is an average of 3.1 unemployed people per job opportunity; the odds can feel even worse depending on the industry in question.

It is for that reason, individuals are having a tougher time securing job interviews in the first place. A concise and well-written resume and a thoughtfully composed cover letter are the pieces essential to enticing a potential employer to call in a candidate for an interview. Since those opportunities can appear to be far and few between, it is only natural for a candidate to become a bit unnerved. Fortunately novelty diploma maker,, has some of the best ways for an individual to conquer a job interview.

Behind the Scenes

Receiving a phone call requesting an interview can be exhilarating and that energy is the best tool for preparing for a meeting behind the scenes. Prior to any interview, individuals need to take the time to prepare for any number of scenarios and minimize the risk associated with blowing a job opportunity. Those steps include:

  • Rereading one's resume so they can speak as an expert during the interview process and provided direct examples of how past experience can lend to future accomplishments.
  • Printing up a couple of resumes to bring to the interview
  • Ensuring that portfolios are brimming with current and the best work samples available.
  • Researching the both the company and job in question in order to speak with confidence regarding the future.
  • Map out the commute time and route to the interview; knowing where a person is going can have a calming effect.
  • Picking out an appropriate interview outfit prior to the day's event will eliminate the need to worry about that decision day of. Trying it on prior to will also allow time for cleaning, mending and other tweaks to ensure physical perfection.
  • Make sure to get clean prior to an interview. Shampooing, trimming nails, stray hairs and ensuring teeth are clean are some simple steps to help a person look and feel their best.
Managing Vices

Estimates suggest that 54 percent of all Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee on a daily basis, and for good reason! Coffee is a stimulant that can help perk a person up, improve concentration and even increase a person's life span. Ensure the proper balance of the elixir is consumed on interview day can make a huge difference.

Coffee is addictive and individuals who opt to kick the habit on the day of an interview may experience symptoms such as headaches, anxiety or even fatigue. Those behaviors will certainly impact a person's ability to put their best foot forward when meeting a potential employer. Concurrently, drinking too much coffee can also have ill effects. While it may seem like a smart idea to have an extra cup of Joe to provide a jump start, having too much caffeine can also trigger off side effects such as stomach pains, digestive issues, jitters and even cause stress. Individuals preparing for an interview are advised not to rock the coffee boat and to stay the course until after the meeting.

Slow and Steady

The body has two innate responses to dealing with a threat, fight or flight. Both responses can cause a surge of adrenaline pumping through the veins and too much of that hormone can make a person seem a bit off during the interview process. That is why it is essential to manage the circumstances that may trigger off that biological function, and going slow and steady is the method to the madness.

Ensuring that an individual has enough time to get to an interview will help prevent a person from rushing. An interviewer can easily pick out the person who had to rush to get to a meeting on time, and the rapid breathing and flushed faces will make a permanent impression, for better or for worse. Arriving 15 minutes for an interview is advised.

While waiting for the interview, individuals are encouraged to breath deeply and manage their flow of oxygen. Rapid breathing can also cause the body to falsely enter fight or flight mode, and a little positive thinking and calm breaths can go a long way.

While those steps can certainly help a person prep for an interview, the most important strategy to embark upon is to be honest and authentic in the interview process. The reality is that people who choose to put on a bit of an act when interviewing with a company may not be happy when they start working there as the interviewer hired the interviewee, not the actual person behind the accomplishments. It is better not to get a job due to a personality clash or lack of skills then to end up in a position that just does not feel right. Although it may be tempting to present a phony resume or Pollyanna attitude, honesty is the best policy.

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