Article - Colleges in West Virginia that have closed, merged, or changed their names

College Name City State Start Date End Date Affiliation Other Information Source
Alderson Junior College Alderson West Virginia

combined with Broaddus College to become Alderson-Broaddus College; building was occupied by Mt. State Baptist High School (a private co-ed boarding high school) from the mid-1950’s until the 1980’s. members.aol.com/jeff560/wv-hist.html
Barboursville College Barboursville West Virginia 1888 1900 M.E. Church South founded as Conference School of M.E. Church South until 1901; predecesor to Morris Harvey College and later to University of Charleston www.uchaswv.edu/library/preslist.html;
Beckley College Beckley West Virginia 1933

name changed to The College of West Virginia in 1991 when baccalaureate degrees added; name change to Mountain State University in 2001 www.mountainstate.edu/aboutmsu/history/default.aspx
Brenner, Morgan G.  The Encyclopedia of College & University Name Histories.  2003.
Bridgemont Community and Technical College Montgomery West Virginia 1966
state supported founded to offer community college program by West Virginia Institute of Technology; The Community and Technical College at WVU Institute of Technology (CTC at WVU Tech) was accredited as an independent institution in 2004; name change to Bridgemont Community and Technical College in 2009 http://www.bridgemont.edu/index.php/who-we-are/history.html
Broaddus College Clarksburg West Virginia 1876

moved from Winchester, VA; in 1909 moved to Philippi, W. VA.; later comibed with Alderson Junior College in 1932 to become Alderson-Broaddus College members.aol.com/jeff560/wv-hist.html
Songe, Alice H.  American Universities and Colleges: A Dictionary of Name Changes.  1978.
Community and Technical College of Shepherd Shepherdstown West Virginia 1974
state supported located on campus of Shepherd College in Shepherdstown; relocated in Martinsburg after 2001; name change to Blue Ridge Community and Technical College in 2006 http://www.blueridgectc.edu/history.htm
Concord College Athens West Virginia 1872
state supported now Concord University http://www.concord.edu/
Fairmont State College Fairmont West Virginia 1872
state supported founded as West Virginia Normal School at Fairmont; name changed to Fairmont State Teachers College in 1930's, to Fairmont State College in 1943 and to Fairmont State University in April 2004 http://www.fairmontstate.edu/
Fairmont State Community & Technical College Fairmont West Virginia 1974
state supported founded in 1974 as a unit of Fairmont State College; On July 1, 2006, FSC&TC became a Division of FSU and was renamed Pierpont Community & Technical College; after July 1, 2007, separate accreditation for FSU and Pierpont C&TC, though they share same campus http://www.pierpont.edu/about/pctc
Greenbriar College Lewisburg West Virginia 1808 1972
two year women's college; became co-ed during 1971-72 academic year; burned in June, 1972 and never rebuilt Songe, Alice H.  American Universities and Colleges: A Dictionary of Name Changes.  1978.
Greenbriar College of Osteopathic Medicine Lewisburg West Virginia 1974

name changed to West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine in 1976 Songe, Alice H.  American Universities and Colleges: A Dictionary of Name Changes.  1978.
Kanawha Junior College Charleston West Virginia
merged with Morris Harvey College http://www.ucwv.edu/eagle/aboutUC/ourhistory.cfm
Brenner, Morgan G.  The Encyclopedia of College & University Name Histories.  2003.
Marshall Community and Technical College
West Virginia 1975
state supported founded in 1975 as a separate college within Marshall University to better serve students by bringing together many of the two-year associate degree programs under one college; In 1991, the college name was changed to Marshall Community & Technical College; on October 30, 2003 became accredited as an independent institution; name change to Mountwest Community and Technical College in 2010 http://www.mctc.edu/
Morris Harvey College Barboursville West Virginia 1900 1978 M.E. Church South moved to Charleston, WV during Great Depression; disaffiliated from denomination in 1942; became University of Charleston in 1978 after merger with Kanawha Junior College and affiliation with Mason College of Fine Arts and Music www.uchaswv.edu/library/preslist.html;
New River State College Montgomery West Virginia 1895
state supported founded as Montgomery Preparatory Branch of West Virginia University; became West Virginia Trades School in 1917; New River State School in 1921; New River State College in 1931; West Virginia Institute of Technology in 1941; became a regional campus of West Virginia University and was known as WVU Tech in 1996 Songe, Alice H.  American Universities and Colleges: A Dictionary of Name Changes.  1978.
Ohio Valley College Parkersburg West Virginia 1960
Churches of Christ consolidated with Northeastern Christian Junior College, Villanova, PA in 1993; in 1994 acquired educational complex from Roman Catholic Diocese of Wheeeling-Charleston to become the main campus; in 2005 changed name to Ohio Valley University www.ovu.edu
Powhatan College Charlestown West Virginia 1900 1914
Rector College Pruntytown West Virginia 1839 1855 Baptist closed after a fire Burke, Colin B. American Collegiate Populations. 1982.
Saint Edwards College Huntington West Virginia 1923 1924 Xaverian Brothers
Saint Vincent's College Wheeling West Virginia 1850 1859
Burke, Colin B. American Collegiate Populations. 1982.
Salem College Salem West Virginia 1888

merged to form Salem-Teikyo University in 1989; name change to Salem International University in 2000 Brenner, Morgan G.  The Encyclopedia of College & University Name Histories. 2003.
Shepherd College Shepherdstown West Virginia 1871
state supported name changed to Shepherd University in April 2004 http://www.shepherd.edu/
Storer College Harpers Ferry West Virginia 1867 1955 Baptist opened as a normal school; in 1869 the federal government conveyed several buildings from former Camp Hill to the institution; Frederic Douglass served as a trustee; the Niagara Movement, a forerunner of the NAACP, held its second conference on the campus in 1906 www.nps.gov/hafe/storer.htm
Hunt and Carper, eds.  Religious Higher Education in the United States.  1996.
West Liberty State College West Liberty West Virginia 1837
state supported founded as West Liberty Academy; name change to West Liberty University approved by WV Higher Education Policy Council, March 2009 http://www.westliberty.edu/
West Liberty State at Hancock Hancock West Virginia

West Virginia College Wierton? West Virginia 1908
Free-Will Baptist references to other possible locations…Hilltop?…Flemington? http://www.wvculture.org/history/timetrl/ttdec.html
West Virginia Normal & Classical Academy Buchanan West Virginia 1882
United Brethren in Christ sometimes referred to as Upshur or Buchanan Seminary or Union College; not to be confused with West Virginia Conference Seminary (later West Virginia Wesleyan) founded in 1890 http://www.wvculture.org/HISTORY/education/images/upshur/upshur042.jpg
West Virginia State College Institute West Virginia 1891
state supported founded as West Virginia Colored Institute; changed to West Virginia Collegiate Institute in 1915 and to West Virginia State College in 1929; changed to West Virginia State University on April 7, 2004; http://www.wvstateu.edu/
West Virginia State Community & Technical College Institute West Virginia 1975
state supported program started by West Virginia State College; separate, independently accredited institution named West Virginia State Community and Technical College by 2004; complete separation from WV State College and name change to Kanawha Valley Community & Technical College in 2009 http://www.kvctc.edu/
Wheeling Female College Wheeling West Virginia 1848 1891
founded as Wheeling Female Seminary; property ultimately acquired for use as hospital http://www.wvculture.org/history/womtime.html

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