Article - Makeup Artist Salary Info:

Working as a makeup artist involves more than just applying makeup on people. The main goal of a makeup artist is to make people look astounding, whether on camera, onstage, or in person. For makeup artists working on models, actors and actresses, and other celebrities, they have to come up with glowing skin that looks smooth, natural, and healthy. For theatre makeup artists, they use makeup and other accessories, such as wigs, pins, and prosthetics, to make actors look the part they are playing. To do this well, they will have to get a diploma in makeup.

The average salaries of makeup artists vary according to the specific industry in which they are working. The highest earners are those who specialize in Hollywood makeup. Artists who cater to top-tier celebrities such as: Madonna, Halle Berry, and Angelina Jolie certainly earn much more than the average makeup artist. In fact, top-of-the-line makeup artists make millions of dollars a year freelancing or working as a regular for Tinseltown’s most in-demand actors and actresses. It’s only applicable to the best professional makeup artists. For amateurs who have just earned their makeup diplomas, it’s a rather far-fetched dream.

In modeling and photography, makeup artists can also make a small fortune. Again, salaries vary depending on the clients. Giselle Bundchen and Heidi Klum’s makeup artists definitely earn much more than those who are doing makeup on less popular models. As a junior freelancer, the average salary can range from $400-600 per day. More experienced makeup artists can earn up to double or triple the daily salary of a junior freelancer.

In makeup clinics, department stores, and beauty salons, makeup artists are also employed to help sell makeup products to customers and give them a makeover for a one-time event. They work with “ordinary” people who just want to look more beautiful with some makeup. Not surprisingly, makeup artists in the consumer market have lower income than those who work in the film, theatre, and modeling industries. Average salaries for makeup artists in this field range from $24,000 to $32,000 yearly. In comparison, consumer makeup artists usually earn a monthly income that is more or less equivalent to the daily earnings of the top Hollywood makeup artists.

Makeup artists expect to work in comfortable settings, where they have sufficient lighting and ventilation. Those who work full-time in stable companies, such as established beauty salon chains and makeup clinics, can expect to work regular hours and receive employer benefits mandated by law, such as health insurance as well as paid vacation leaves. Makeup artists in Hollywood and the modeling industry have schedules that are parallel to the busy lives of celebrities, so they pretty much should be available whenever they are needed.

While the demand for makeup artists is expected to grow, only the very few at the top can command the highest wages in this profession. If you are really interested to become a professional makeup artist, it’s a good idea to get a college diploma in makeup.

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