Article - Online High School Degree:


Why get your high school degree online?

There are a number of reasons why one would choose to take classes and obtain their high school diploma online. An individual may suffer from an illness that keeps them homebound or be traveling year-round due to family issues. In the past, these people often did not receive proper education and fell behind others their age. This lag in their education had the potential to lead to a difference in opportunity or even worse, a difference in self-perception.

Statistics do not lie. In 1979, the average high school diploma holder earned $444 more each month than their diploma-less counterparts. In 2002, this value increased to $717 and is still steadily on the rise. In 2004, studies showed that those without high school degrees were 70% less likely to get a job. It is likely that the numbers today are even greater.

What are online high schools?

Online high schools are a form of distance education much like the internet courses offered on the college level. Today, there are numerous online high schools that allow one to take classes from the comfort of their own home, wherever it may be. Because the classes are usually catered to your schedule, you can learn at your own pace, taking tests only when you are ready. Almost all of the online schools will have an extensive support staff consisting of teachers, tutors, and technical personnel. The websites often include chatrooms and message boards to facilitate discussion between students enrolled in the same course. A few schools even go as far to send out monthly newsletters and at the end of your enrollment, a class ring.


While most online schools are fairly credible, you will want to check to see that they are accredited by a legitimate governing entity. Many universities now offer programs for online high school education. The benefit of these programs is that they are founded by universities that will acknowledge their legitimacy. There is no worry that colleges won’t recognize your diploma. Brigham Young University and Indiana University are two institutions that offer this type of program.

Private schools

As online high school education is a relatively new form of schooling, most online high schools you find will be private. Just like a regular private school, you will have to pay for any costs incurred, whether it is server maintenance or teacher salary. Fees for individual courses vary according to school. The tuition however, will most likely beat out regular private schools since there is no need for infrastructure and other overhead costs.

State-funded charter schools

When it comes to online high schools, these are the best choices if your state has them. Because they are state sponsored schools, they function much like public schools in that they are usually free. Also, because the state recognizes them as authentic educational institutions, they are accredited, meaning you will have little to no trouble getting colleges and universities to recognize diplomas bearing their title.

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