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Author: Mark Wells

Avoid being thrashed by avoiding the following.

Too wordy
An excellent resume should be one page in length or two pages at the most. (But if you think you need a three-page resume you should make sure that every work counts and not just something that makes the sentences long) A resume is like an advertisement and should be under conscious control every inch of the way. It should not contain unnecessary and confusing information. You must be specific. Everything in your resume should support and point to a single skill/expertise. In advertising, the simplest ad is best. No ad, no matter how high-powered, can sell several concepts at once. Neither can a resume.

Contains salary requirement

This is one of the greattest mistake. If you list a salary requirement it may well appear, to someone who has yet to appreciate your real value, to be too high or too low, and you may never get the chance to explain or elaborate. The thing to do is first make a favorable impression, and evoke some corporate response. There will always be time later to negotiate your salary - after the company decides it likes you and wants you and you're in some kind of bargaining position. It may be that their offer will not require negotiation.


Excessive use of the word "me", or "I" and high-flying use of the phrases such as, "I seek," "my objective," etc. must be avoided. Employers want to know what you can do for them, not what they can do for you.. You must explain and elaborate on your benefit to the employer; plays up to what you think are the employer's objectives.

Assumes too much reader comprehension

This takes the form of listing and explaining numerous accomplishments, courses taken, etc., not necessarily related to your position objective. Make sure that all you have listed are 100% connected to the requirements of the job you are seeking.

Stiff , formal language

Never be a jokey, just make everything readable. Aim for your audience and the people you want to impress. In short, communicate. Write your resume to express and impress.

Includes personal information

Do not include any personal information. Name, home address, and home voice phone that's it. Avoid including religious affiliations, sexual preference, marital status, height or weight. Do not also include information regarding your physical appearance. Just surprise the employer about what you look like during the interview.

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