Article - Best Ways to Stay Motivated:

Waking up with boundless energy and the desire to conquer the world is a rarity; the fact is muddling through the day to day actually requires daily motivation and commitment. While making like the The Little Engine that Could is a strategy that can help people get over the hump of a difficult task, the mantra of "I think I can" needs to be backed by other techniques in order to make it so.

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Success and prosperity should not be left to chance; effort, luck and timing are also required. Since individuals can only control their actions it is imperative to keep motivated in order to make progress. The process can be challenging but by concentrating on goals, implementing steps to move forward and a dangling a virtual carrot, individuals can tap into their inner strength and find the motivation needed to succeed.


Goals are achievements defined by an individual and worked towards a little bit of a time. A person looking to find motivation need to clearly define their goals then constantly analyze them in order to make achieving them more manageable.

Consider a single parent who has the goal of supporting their family. That is ambition is honorable, but does not really answer the question of how. It is that thought that can trigger off additional thoughts typically linked to the job market. That single person may decide to get a job just to bring in some quick cash, but decide the ultimate goal is to earn a college degree in order to bring home the bacon.

Clearly defining a goal will help spark motivation, especially if a person writes a list of all the additional benefits of achieving said milestone. While earning a college diploma has been directly linked to increased salary and lifetime earning potential, there are other perks associated with the task such as confidence, acquiring valid credentials and opening up a person to new life experiences. Those additional factors can help contribute to the enthusiasm surround the task.

Make a Plan

Xenophobic, or the fear of the unknown, is a natural tendency for many folks. Uncertainty can trigger off feelings of anxiety, depression and be a huge motivation killer. Planning concrete steps is the best way to help tame that beast.

Any single parent considering going back to school to get a degree can be overwhelmed by the process. The initial thought of going back to school can cause tangent thinking such as "who will watch the kids," "what should I study" and "how can I afford this." Each and every concern is valid, but thinking and addressing each issue can help make the overall task more manageable.

Individuals worrying about their children may be able to find the support they need with friends or family and if not, pursuing an university degree online may be the perfect solution. Individuals overwhelmed about career paths can research the topic on's Top 10 Tools for Career Planning and laying out a budget in excel and researching student loan and grant options can help individuals plan for the expense. The point is to address each concern with a concrete action plan, seeing how a goal can actually be broken down and addressed can help individuals perk up and motivate.

Dangle a Carrot

Humans can easily be motivated by a reward system, especially when the prize is within arms reach. Buying a novelty diploma is the equivalent of a dangling carrot. By purchasing a fake certificate, framing it and mounting it on a wall above a person's work space, they will have a constant, physical reminder of what they are actually working towards.

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