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Author: Tony Jacowski

The ultimate target of good education is to ensure a good job. This is instilled into us from the early stages of our lives. We know that without a good education it will be difficult, if not impossible, to move forward in life. Those responsible to guide and mentor us in all our formative years teach us to study hard and succeed in academics so that when we grow up we are able to land prestigious and well-paying jobs.

When Does The Job Hunt Begin?

What is the level of education that one needs to acquire before seeking a job? Should it be after graduating from high school or is a college degree essential before seeking employment?

Looking at some of the statistics that are pertinent to the issue, we find that less than 43 percent of students complete high school - out of which only about half enroll in college. This data pertains to the year 2003 and 2004 as reported by the National Center for Education.

Many Jobseekers Do Not Possess a College Degree

Considering the data above, it becomes apparent that a big portion of job hunters do not have a college degree. Therefore, the fact is that a good job can be had without a college degree.

When a candidate has the knowledge, skills and the right attitude and drive to excel, there is no dearth of opportunities to land good jobs.

What Is A Good Job?

Usually, the answer most people would give is that a good job is one that carries a fat salary and moves you high into the social bracket. However, this is not the right answer for describing a "good job". In reality, a good job is one that you find pleasure and delight in going to each working day of your life.

Applying these standards, numerous jobseekers may be holding "good jobs". The inevitable result is dissatisfied individuals who harbor a deep sense of disillusionment, even if they are able to get good salaries.

In reality, job satisfaction comes from doing a job that is in line with your passion in life, something you seriously believe in - and not the salary that it gets you. Therefore, the main criteria in selecting a job should be looking at what you enjoy doing and what you make in terms of money, rather than going for something that pays well and trying to force yourself into liking it.

The Advantage of College Education

The decision to go through college is a personal one - and honestly speaking, college education does open up avenues of high-end, knowledge-based employment, and is certainly desirable for anyone seeking to be intellectually empowered.

The real point here is that even without a college degree, there are plenty of jobs available that can allow a person to pursue a very fulfilling and satisfying career.

Deciding What You Want To Do

With so much competition and a plethora of jobs on the scene, it becomes very difficult to decide which way to go if you have not devoted time from your early years towards selecting the career you would like to pursue.

If you find this difficult, then you should complete a career assessment to determine what careers would fit with your personal characteristics and motivations. An employment counselor can also be of great help.

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