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Author: gregory van duyse

You may dream of one day holding a management level job in the music businesses. If that is the case, here are the different music jobs that you can choose from. Personal Manager or Agent A personal manager or agent works with an individual artist or band and basically manages every aspect of their career. This ranges from their finances, booking their gigs, and advertising and promoting them.

Most personal managers will only take on one to three clients at time, depending on how large the clients are and what level the clients are at. The main job of a personal manager is to see the band or artist succeed and make it to the top of the charts. Retail Sales Management Maybe you dream of working in a music store or owning your own music store eventually.

One of the best music businesses jobs in the retail industry is the management position. Your main job is to operate the music store and oversee every aspect of the store. This may include promotions, training, supervising other employees, ordering products, and customer service. Business Manager A business manager will handle all the financial affairs for an artist or band. To be a business manager you should pursue a degree in business administration, and accounting and finance. This is one type of music business jobs that will require a college degree, as you have to know how to accurately handle the business and finances.

As a business manager, you will be negotiating payments, doing taxes, and handling investments. These are just a few of the many different music business jobs that are on a management level. There are other jobs, some being with music labels while others may be with advertising and public relation companies. Management level jobs do require experience and you may have to work at a lower job for several years before you can take on these management level music business jobs.

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