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Taking into consideration the tremendous impact of globalization, the importance of international languages is significantly higher. Close world cooperation between many countries of the world has seen an increase in the importance of languages such as French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian. But the popularity of these languages is negligible when compared to the overriding demand for the English language. Currently, English is being spoken in every nook and cranny of the world. As countries realize the importance of English in their overall development, the market for highly qualified English teachers is booming. In such a market, a TESOL diploma can help you further your career prospects considerably.

The TESOL certification comes in two parts. A simple TESOL certificate is merely an entry ticket to the world of English language teaching. Once they get this certificate, committed teachers understand that the next it is a TESOL diploma. The TESOL diploma course prepares seasoned teachers for highly competitive advanced teaching jobs. A basic TESOL certificate teaches you how to teach English as a foreign language; the TESOL diploma explores further and gives you more insight into why certain practices are used to teach English in a particular manner. Therefore, any candidate appearing for a TESOL diploma must have:

  • An undergraduate degree (or equivalent)

  • A TESOL certification

In general, the aim of a TESOL diploma is to help you:

  • gain an understanding of how language is acquired

  • gain an understanding of typical errors in a language

  • gain an understanding of the modern principles in language teaching

  • gain an understanding of English phonetics and phonology

  • gain an understanding of effective methodologies used to teach English

  • gain an understanding of how to use teaching aids and other materials to teach English

  • gain an understanding of the techniques used to organize a class

  • gain an in-depth understanding of lesson planning

Since most diploma courses are available online, candidates are free to pursue the course at their own pace. Thus, the candidate has full control over how much time it would take for them to complete the course.

The TESOL diploma course is generally divided into a number of modules. Most reputed course providers distribute course material that is complete in itself. However, students of the TESOL diploma course find it very helpful to engage in additional reading. This helps them score higher grades. A number of assignments have to be completed and candidates would be graded on these assignments.

A TESOL diploma is the most advanced level of qualification for teachers of English. The skills acquired through this course are invaluable because they make the candidate aware of major developments in the methods used for teaching English. The course is accompanied by a critical evaluation of individual teaching experiences. This allows students to understand why good teachers have certain principles and beliefs that they follow in their teaching methods. Thus the TESOL diploma adds tremendously to your skill set when you are ready to take up teaching as a career.

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