Article - Make a PhD Diploma:

>Novelty Ph.D. diplomas are just that, novelty. Sellers of fake diplomas are not in the business to deceive people, but to provide novelty, entertainment, and sometimes a little boost in determination or self-esteem. If you are thinking of using a fake diploma to secure a job or to trick your boss into thinking you took up further education even though you didn’t, then, think again. Employers are now conscientious enough to perform a background check on your credentials. If you are thinking of buying a fake Ph.D. diploma to have some fun by pulling a prank on someone, or to affirm your goals of finishing your actual doctorate degree, then, you can put your money away. There is definitely an art of professionalism required to produce an authentic looking PhD. Here are some insider tips on how novelty diploma sellers make fake Ph.D. diplomas:

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    1. Use a high-quality paper to mimic the paper used in real Ph.D. diplomas. This is often a durable and heavyweight paper that has a slight glossy finish to it. For more thorough checking, you can use your fingers to compare the thickness, smoothness, and overall quality of the papers used for the fake and real diplomas.
    2. The best fake diploma makers use real diploma printers instead of standard commercial printers which can be used for a variety of printing purposes. Usually, standard commercial machines leave small, almost unnoticeable printer marks in different parts of the document. Try to spot these marks. If you don’t find any, you may very well be looking at an almost-authentic Ph.D. diploma.
    3. Fake diploma makers are careful with spellings, especially in the matters of the name of the university and the name of the signatories. To make a believable fake Ph.D. diploma, you have to conduct thorough research on these matters before printing them out on paper.
    4. Difficult as it may seem, the best makers of fake diplomas use watermark printers to make their products look authentic. The watermark seals used on real diplomas are the schools’ official seals. As such, you will have to do your best to obtain replicas of the university’s seal.
    5. To make the diplomas look real, the signatures have to be done in ink. This is why the best fake Ph.D. diploma makers employ really good signature forgers for that extra touch of authenticity. A copied signature snatched off the Web or a photocopy of a real diploma will give you away easily.
    6. You should also be conscientious about the littlest of details. Pay attention to the official name of the degree. You should not just put mere initials in the degree, such as B.A., M.A., or Ph.D. A fake Ph.D. diploma should have the name of your make-believe degree in full.
    7. Real diploma makers are very strict when it comes to diplomas; so are fake diploma makers. You should have a fake Ph.D. diploma that is consistent in font style, size, and ink color. Of course, the wordings have to be exactly the same too.

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