Article - Top 10 Ways to Reinvent Your Career:

America was once a country with an abundance of employment opportunities for all, that is no longer the case. What was once a nation with an economy based on manufacturing has evolved to be a country energized by technology. As a result, the jobs of the past are gone and many individuals are now in the position of having to reinvent themselves or risk becoming obsolete.

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While that prospect may be intimidating to some, others may view that situation as challenging tinged with energy. Regardless of the perspective on the matter, change is inevitable and knowing how to potential reinvent your career prior to the need can help make the process run a bit more smoothly.

Top 10 Ways to Reinvent Your Career
  • 10. Learn a Trade: During the most recent recession, many workers, regardless of their experience or diplomas felt the pain and actually figured out that they hated what they were doing in the first place. Attending a trade school and securing a career degree can provide workers with valuable skills that can help them earn a living.
  • 9. Get a College Degree Online: while there are career opportunities available to high school graduates and associate degree holders, researcher conducted by the Pew Research Center suggests that college graduates that looked for work during the country's economic retraction were better off than job seekers without those credentials. Thanks to the booming online education industry, earning that diploma has never been more convenient.
  • 8. Find Your Niche: The average worker may rely on a lot of different skills at work and while they can accomplish them all, there are some things that they do better. Individuals who can pinpoint a precise skill, can market themselves as being experts in that field. Once a resume reflects some progress in a particular niche, more opportunities will follow.
  • 7. Volunteer: For many, the downside of being unemployed is feeling disconnected from society. Volunteering can make a person feel connected and provide them difference professional experiences. Those skills can eventually find their place on a resume and help a person explore additional career options.
  • 6. Internships: While many individuals think that an internship is only of interest to potential college graduates, they working relationship can open up new doors. Individuals can volunteer to work at dream jobs (such as public relations, broadcasting and fashion), gain experience and build new connections.
  • 5. Go Big: While narrowing a career path may benefit some, expanding ones options can also work. Publicists can become marketers, photographers can expand their types of clients and writers can learn HTML coding. The possibilities are endless.
  • 4. Freelance: Thanks to the changing economy, many full time jobs have been completely eliminated and part-time work has become the norm. Individuals who embrace the freelancer way of life will not only be able to set their own schedule, but set their own salary limits.
  • 3. Seek Professional Help: When it is impossible to see the forest for the trees and outside opinion in the form of a career counselor may help. Professional counselors will implement tests and conversations in order to get to the core of an issue. Plus, they can also provide recommendations on how to switch career paths by parlaying existing skills into a completely different field.
  • 2. Shadow Friends: Reading a job description on paper is one thing, seeing someone perform a task is a different story. Your friends may not be able to help you figure out what to do, but by shadowing for a day you can learn a bit more about yourself, including what you would not do for money. This valuable insight can lead to a path of rediscover and reinvention.
  • 1. Do Not Give Up: No one said change was easy but commitment and effort are the only way to make it happen. The process takes time and it is possible, as long as you have faith in yourself.

The hardest part of a career change is the fear of the unknown. However there are countless tails regarding second careers and second chances. While the end goal may seem impossibly out of reach, making progress everyday can help set those in need onto the right path.

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