Article - Engineering Degree Teaching:

Teaching with an engineering degree can be an extremely rewarding and lucrative career path. Some people go into studying the area of engineering with the goal of teaching people. Other times, individuals study engineering and work in the field for a number of years before deciding that they want to switch gears and begin teaching. Either way, there are a number of options available to those individuals who feel the call to help and guide others in learning.

Extensive education is required in order to teach engineering at the college level. In order to teach students who are working toward a bachelor's degree or master's degree in engineering, it is almost always necessary for the professor to have a Ph.D. There is more flexibility in the credentials required to teach students at the associate's degree level. This can often be done by an instructor who has obtained a master's degree. Engineer instructors at the college level are usually very well compensated for their knowledge and expertise, which can make this a great career goal for people who are interested in making a good living and helping other people learn at the same time.

Even some large high schools offer basic classes in engineering. This can be a rewarding option for teaching in the field when an individual has not completed the advanced studies necessary to teach at the college levels. Some people also choose to work their way up when building a teaching career. They begin by instructing students at introductory levels while still working on their own graduate and doctorate level degrees, and then they already have some experience when they graduate.

Individuals with engineering degrees must have a wide range of knowledge, especially in the subjects of math, physics, and other scientific principles. This may qualify them to teach those subjects at the lower levels of education, particularly high school and possibly two-year or community colleges. The specific requirements vary according to state laws and the guidelines of individual schools. In order to teach high school, it is usually necessary to get a teaching certificate in addition to having a bachelor's degree or higher in a related field of study.

Engineering is one of the most lucrative areas to become a teacher or professor in. This is because engineers working in the field earn more money than people in most other professional careers, in general. In order to compete and pull people away from working in the field as an engineer, schools must pay these individuals more than they pay teachers in the arts or social and behavioral sciences. The same is also true of teachers and professors in business and medicine, in particular. Instructors are more likely to notice this difference in pay at the higher levels of education in colleges and universities.

Having a degree in engineering is not the only requirement for being a good teacher. Interpersonal skills are also necessary. Teaching is a career that one should not decide to enter on a whim, because it can be very stressful if a person is not genuinely interested in helping other people and guiding students.

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