Article - Best Ways to Earn Money Without a College Degree:

Fueled by "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" the American Dream continues to live. As a result millions of people work hard to achieve a level of prosperity and success, and while some of those individuals do so in careers supported by earning degrees and higher education, others simply want to earn money without having the pressure associated with earning a college degree. Fortunately, for the latter there are plenty of ways to earn money without a diploma.

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Estimates suggest that the average college graduate pays a hefty sum to earn those credentials; statistics from indicate that along with a diploma, college graduates are typically saddled with around $27,000 in student debt.

While some students may find that expense a worthwhile investment, other individuals find the process cost prohibitive. Instead of attending a university or pursuing an online education some people simply want to start working and earning money as soon as they can. According to the world of here are some of the best ways to earn a living sans college education.

Sell It!

The American economy would be nothing without consumer spending, that behavior accounts for approximately 70 percent of the nation's economic activity. Part of that activity is based on basic consumer decisions such as what shampoo to use, restaurant to dine at or shirt to wear. The rest of that economic activity is stimulated by professional sales people and individuals without a college degree can get in on the action.

Individuals that are charming, love working with people and are money hungry already possess the basic skills necessary for a successful and lucrative sales career. In America, there are countless of opportunities for a hard working individual to represent product lines, services and other entities in order to coax a potential buyer to part with their money. According to Kiplinger's Manufacturing sales reps are considered to be one of the best sales opportunities out there.

Wholesale reps represent companies and sell there wares directly to businesses and government agencies. A highschool diploma is part of the equation; a strong work ethic, outgoing personality and a desire to succeed also help. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the position can also be quite lucrative, as of 2010 the estimated median salary for those positions was $56,620 per year or $27.22 per hour.

While those sales jobs can be a perfect solution for a high school diploma holder, there are sales positions available in nearly every industry. No matter if a person has a personal passion for automobiles, fashion, food or any other preference, representatives are always needed to introduce these offerings to potential customers, allowing for sales-minded folks to find their perfect niche without having to shell out money for a graduate diploma.

Fix It!

Builders and craftsmen have always had an important role in society as they have the skills necessary to build, maintain and even adorn a shelter. While everyone needs a place to live, most folks do not have the skills or time to build a home let alone maintain all the nuances associated with it. What those folks lack in hands-on abilities, they often make up for in back accounts as they will have to pay others to do the work.

That supply and demand scenario has always put craftsmen like woodworkers, plumbers, painters, bricklayers and electricians in high demand. While many of those positions may require earning a career degree or state approved certification a college education is not part of the deal. Instead, individuals need to have the ability to use the tools associated with a specific trade and have the ability to flawlessness complete a task.

Make It!

By now, everyone has heard conversation of America's 'new economy' based on technology and innovation and moving further away from the country's industrial roots. Those new jobs are actually paving the way for the nation to once again expand its manufacturing sector and individuals who learn how to handle the new equipment via degree certification or hands on experience can find plenty of job opportunities without needing a college degree.

The fact is, there is actually a shortage of skilled factory workers in America and individuals who can learn how to handle and maintain factory equipment are in high demand. There are many perks associated with a healthy manufacturing sector, but for potential employees the one that matters most is that estimates suggest that manufacturing workers earn about 20 percent more and have better benefits than individuals not working directly in the field.

America has long been considered a melting pot and the differences in the country's citizens are what help keep the country moving forward. It is because of that structure that there are also plenty of opportunities to achieve financial success in the country. No matter if individuals are working towards becoming doctors, lawyers, beauticians, chefs or dry wall tapers each person has the ability to choose a career path based on their personal interests and abilities. Fortunately the land of milk and honey is filled with plenty of them, and anyone with the ambition and abilities are invited to go pursue their dreams, college diploma not required.

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