Article - Novelty Diplomas, Fake it Until You Make It:

Rumor has it that grumpy folks can improve their mood simply by smiling. It is that philosophy that is behind the "fake it until you make it" lifestyle; where individuals consciously (yet cautiously) act as if they are living their dream lives until they actually become a reality. Owning a fake diploma is another tool individuals can use to inspire confidence until achieving the final goal of earning a diploma from an accredited institution of learning.

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Although the belief of acting with confidence will lead to the fact has been repackaged into a slick saying, big-brain Aristotle was the first person to document the process. He believed that individuals who acted as if they were virtuous would eventually evolve to that level of consciousness; those who behave as if they are well-educated and legitimate bachelor degree or other diploma holders have the potential to eventually earn the real credentials on their own.

Positive thinking is not just the behavior of Pollyana's, the process is associated with slews of health benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic acting like the Little Engine That Could can have a myriad of healthful benefits such as improved coping skills during time of hardship, lowering levels of depression, increasing one's life span, improving resistance to the common cold as well as lowering one's chances of death linked to heart disease. Although there are theories supporting the benefits of faking it until making it, the reason why remains unclear despite the symbiotic relationship being a fact.

Individuals who are thinking about continuing their education should know that it may not be easy, but a positive attitude can help them achieve their goals. By purchasing fake credentials from a reputable site like, individuals can get a sneak peek into what the future may hold; seeing a college diploma or another type of credential personalized with a student's name is the equivalent of the carrot dangling in front of the horse; it is a huge motivator that will keep an individual moving forward.

Individuals interested in buying a fake degree should plan on only using the novelties for inspiration as trying to pass it off as real is an abuse of the 'fake it' philosophy. Individuals caught misrepresenting their education or background are at risk of not only losing their jobs or being thrown out of educational programs, that move can also destroy their credibility. Combined, those factors can negatively impact a person and make bouncing back feel impossible.

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