Article - The Best Degrees Now for Future Job Seekers:

In America, the economy as evolved from one based on manufacturing to one linked to technological advancements. As a result, the career options of yesteryear are long gone. Presently, securing a college diploma is a must for individuals who want to ensure that they have a place as an employee, and choosing the right career path now can result in thousands of dollars more in potential earning in the future.

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The facts from the Pew Research Center do not lie; individuals who have a college degree and looked for work during the most recent recession fared better than there less educated counterparts.

The non-profit organization compared employment statistics for workers aged 21 years to 24 year old for two years before and during the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009. Before the nation's most recent economic retraction, 69 percent of bachelor degree holders were classified as either part-time or full-time employees; during 2007 to 2009 the percentage dropped four points to 65 percent. Individuals who only had a high school diploma had more difficulties finding work; the statistics indicate that prior to the recession 55 percent of high school diploma holders had work, that number dropped to 47 percent during the crisis.

While earning a bachelors degree can certainly increase the odds of employment, choosing to focus in on specific career paths will also increase one's earning potential. Engineering, computer science and mathematics are all considered careers with fantastic earning potential as well as available positions in the job market.

According to a salary survey of bachelor degree holders employed in the United states and conducted by the research indicates that graduates that have engineering majors dominate the pay scale for all recent grads:

  • Petroleum Engineering: Starting Salary $98,000
  • Aerospace Engineering: Starting Salary $62,500
  • Actuarial Mathematics: Starting Salary $56,100
  • Chemical Engineering: Starting Salary: $67,500
  • Nuclear Engineering: Starting Salary: $66,800
  • Electrical Engineering (EE): $63,400
  • Computer Engineering (CE): $62,700
  • Applied Mathematics: Staring Salary $50,800
  • Computer Science (CS): Starting Salary $58,400
  • Statistics: Starting Salary: $49,300

Each and every one of aforementioned college majors also provides graduates with the ability to earn a six-figure salary mid-career.

Folks that have exception attention to detail, are tech savvy, posses analytical abilities, the ability to communicate, the desire to learn and can work well with others are perfect candidates for engineering degrees; the same skill set plus a love for math and technology helps round out the basic skills needed for the other top ten career-based salary information. Regardless of what specific career path a student may person, they should know that the process can take time; earning a traditional college degree takes approximately four years of matriculation and effort.

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