Answers - Guaranteed Delivery

Guaranteed Arrival Times

We have a 99.6% on-time delivery success rate through UPS

We are so confident in our design capabilities and superior customer service that we will guarantee that your order will be processed and delivered to you based on the shipping option you order.  If not, we'll refund your shipping cost.

Know that some shipping elements are NOT in our control and NOT covered by our guarantee.
  • If you order a "proof" we have no way to insure that you'll return it in a timely way,
  • The shipping time begins when the product is PAID (which may be AFTER the time the order is placed),
  • Shipping time is based on orders placed BEFORE NOON on any business days.  If you order after that time, the next business day starts your shipping turnaround.
  • You are not available to UPS to receive your product on the first day of delivery,
  • Your order requires unusual or additional features,
  • Your order form is not printed correctly so as to be deliverable by UPS.

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