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Some people joke that they have graduated from the School of Hard Knocks. While such a school doesn’t actually exist, the truth is that many of life’s lessons are learned outside of a classroom environment. Some people do actually become experts in performing certain job duties, such as human resource management, accounting, interior design, or computer information technology without sitting in a classroom to obtain a traditional degree first.

In fact, a lot of people acquire marketable skills and talents simply by learning them on their own and utilizing them throughout a given lifetime. While most traditional colleges and universities will offer credit for some of these skills and talents, they do not offer a degree based wholly on such experience. On the other hand, novelty degrees, also known as life experience degrees, can be purchased by anyone regardless of their previous education levels, their previous grade point averages, or even their geographic location. Having heard that such a thing exists, people have been led to ask, “What are life experience degrees?”

Essentially, these degrees are purchased from a novelty company and indicate that a person has acquired a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a Ph.D. in a given area such as biblical studies, social work, economics, psychology, or a variety of other disciplines that normally take years of long study and expensive tuition to acquire a degree in. High school diplomas and associate degrees are sometimes offered as well.

By simply submitting a resume, selecting a grade point average to purchase, and a specific graduation date, novelty companies that specialize in life experience degrees will sell a person a degree of her or his choosing in approximately one week’s time. There are no entrance exams, no assessment exams, and no final examinations to be passed in order to obtain a life experience degree. While life experience degrees are usually purchased through a novelty company, a private college accredited by other private accrediting institutions, such as the Board of Online Universities Accreditation (BOUA) and the World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC), officially grants the actual degrees offered.

The accrediting process for all colleges is largely a peer review process that indicates that an institution has met the particular standards set forth by the accrediting agency. Along with a life experience degree, additional supporting documentation such as college transcripts, official letters verifying a person’s education, and awards for excellence are also available for purchase by companies offering these unique degrees.

A person interested in obtaining a life experience degree is also not limited as to how many degrees she or he can acquire. Life experience degrees offer some people a sense of accomplishment and personal validation. Many acquire life experience degrees in an effort to get an edge on the employment market or to assist in getting a job promotion. Life experience degrees can be novel gift ideas and are great ways of letting a person know that their talents in a particular area are both recognized and admired. Anyone interested in obtaining one or more life experience degrees is advised to carefully read about all of the options or majors that are available.

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