Article - Make a High School Diplomas:

Fake diplomas are easy to make, provided that the right materials are available. They make a nice addition to any graduation party, though there are other reasons why someone might need to make one. For example they may want to hide their real diploma and put the fake diploma out on display for others to see. Additionally they may want to display their diplomas in several areas, without paying for copies from their school. No matter what the reason, it can be made.

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The first step is to gather as many diplomas as possible and examine them to see the different features. There are a few things that they have in common, but depending on the school and the degree , there are also a few differences. It’s also helpful if the maker can locate a diploma from the school they plan to use, or at least a similar school.

Next the maker needs to find the right type of card-stock or heavyweight paper. This once again depends on the school as some schools use a cream colored paper, while others use a standard white shade. This paper can be found at most office supply stores and craft stores. To make a good fake diploma, the maker should use a matching paper with the school.

The next step is to setup a computer program to create the fake high school diploma. Adobe Photoshop works well, but so does the Paint program in Microsoft. Those who found a copy of a real diploma can simply scan in the information and alter the name or degree program with a few simple strokes of the mouse. Otherwise, everything needs to be done from scratch.

The first thing to do is type out the school’s name at the top of the page, using the appropriate font. The name of the diploma holder goes on a line near the bottom of the page, with the degree program and type listed below that. At the very bottom of the page are two more lines where the chancellor and secretary of the school’s names go. The next to last step is to create a fake signature on those lines to complete the diploma.

The maker will also need to locate a copy of the school’s official seal. This can usually be found on their website or on a copy of their official diploma. This should be printed off on a separate piece of paper. Once the diploma and the seal have been printed, the maker can attach the seal to the bottom of the diploma. This helps it look more official since the seal is usually added to the diploma after printing.

Those who want their fake high school diploma to look as authentic as possible should track down a diploma from that school and compare it to their finished product. If there are any discrepancies, this is the time to correct them. It’s helpful if they use a copy while creating their own version to keep track of any problems. Additionally, it’s advisable to use a high quality printer since this prevents any bleeding or smudges from the ink.

Of course, if making a fake high school diploma seems too involved and time-consuming, buying one is always an option.

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