Article - Resume Padding:

How To Pad Your Resume

Applying to a school or to a job can be an extremely challenging thing to do, and with the criteria to get higher and accepted continue to grow; sometimes padding your resume is the only way to get your foot in the door. In recent years the expectations of people applying for their first job has grown at a rapid rate. Employers expect candidates to have had several years of experience in the field, which is basically impossible if you were a student, they expect numerous hours of community service and club activities to have been completed, and they expect extremely high GPAs, event from very difficult schools. With demand like this, sometimes padding your resume is the only way you are going to stand out in a crowd.

Here are some examples of ways to pad your resume so that you might get the chance to interview at the company of your dreams. One example it to exaggerate the types of community service you have done. For example, if you spent a month in a third world country and have the documentation to prove it, it is extremely easy to make this experience seem more noble and heart-wrenching then it was. Say you spend a month sunbathing in Fiji with your schools Community service club. This does not seem very beneficial and definitely doesn’t seem like something you would put on a resume. However, because it is very unlikely that a hopeful employer will call Fiji, you can easily say that you helped build 30 houses, taught an illiterate child how to read, and ended the segregation barriers within a local elementary school. Another way to boost your resume is to exaggerate on the amount of time you help a particular position at a particular company. For example, say you were a stockroom boy for 3 years at a local department store, and then became the stock room manager for one month before you decided to quit the job. You could easily pad your resume with a line stating that you were a stockroom manager and worked at the company for 3 years. There for you are not technically lying, but your future employer will assume that you were the manager for 3 years. Still another way to pad your resumes is to skew your GPA. Many employers don’t ask for college transcripts, so this is an easy way to get a few points in the interviewer’s eyes. For instance, say you had a cumulative 2.3 GPA, but in your major you had a 3.1 GPA, you could easily put your majors GPA on your resume and not specify what the GPA was for. The is a foul proof trick because even if the future employer does eventually get your transcript, you can simply tell them that you thought they knew it was your majors GPA.

Another way to pad your resume is to ad smaller honors and awards to the Leadership section of your resume. This is important because most employers wont take the time to validate the awards, but will still take notice to the achievements. Small additions such as this, could set a potential candidate above the other candidates, especially in the candidates have similar resumes. Some awards that a candidate could add could be leadership positions held for charitable clubs, volunteer work at local food shelters or hospitals, or volunteer trips that took place outside on the states. Going along with this way to pad the resume, it would also be possible to ad language skills to the resume. For example, if a potential job candidate took a few classes in a not so common language, they could easily out that they were proficient in the language. Chances that the person interviewing would know the language are slim and this is a great way to stand out in the interviewers mind.

Many employers go through thousands of resumes for each potential employer they are looking to hire. Because of this, many resumes look the same and you have to do something in order to set yourself apart from the masses. Small upgrades to a resume can make all the different to interviewers, especially skills that are not common and unique. The interviewer is bound to remember the things that stick out in their mind, and the more things there are, the better. With these tricks, it should be easier to land an interview for the job of you dreams. Just remember, while padding a resume is a good technique from getting an interview or job, the basic functions needed to do the job should not be lied about or embellished or else the interviewee could be made to look like a fool once the get the job.



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