Article - What Can an Associate’s Degree in Teaching Do for You?:

An AA in teaching is often used as a stepping stone that allows you to take your studies further. Most of the time, people pursing this degree often do so because they want to see what the field is like before they go for their BA. Common classes in the program include many of the basic education classes. If you don’t want to pursue a BA, you can use your AA to land a job working as a tutor, preschool teacher, daycare worker, substitute teacher or aide.

Even though the majority of companies want their tutors to have their BA, some of the smaller businesses will often hire you with just an AA. One of the best options for those who want to tutor others is to open an own private business. You then have the option of taking on as much or as little work as you choose, as well as being free from all of the regulations and restrictions that many of the companies will impose upon you. Parents who are looking for someone to tutor their child are often comfortable with hiring someone who only has their AA. By getting a number of reliable references and advertising your business in the right places, you are going to increase your chances of having a successful business significantly.

Private daycares will generally hire a worker based mainly on having a clean background check and experience in the field, but an AA will often give you an edge over other applicants. State laws vary, so you need to look into what the requirements are for working in the field. Some require an AA, while others require you to have a BA.

Individuals who have an AA can also teach preschool, although this varies from one center to the next. Headstart programs often allow those with an AA to teach in the program. Generally, the most common position held by individuals with this degree often works as a paraprofessional in both high schools and grade schools. As a teacher aide, they will often assist with grading papers, working with those who need help and handing out assignments. They are a crucial part of the education process at large.

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