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Article - Colleges in Utah that have closed, merged, or changed their names

College Name City State Start Date End Date Affiliation Other Information Source
All Hallows College Salt Lake City Utah

Brigham Young College Logan Utah 1877 1926 Latter Day Saints Brigham Young deeded land to trustees for development of the college; not to be confused with Brigham Young Academy in Provo that was founded in 1875 and evolved to become Brigham Young University; the institution initially focused on preparation of teachers and granted bachelors' degrees from 1894-1909; after closure the buildings were used as a high school by the city of Logan and the library collection was given to Utah Agricultural College http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brigham_Young_College
Carbon College Price Utah 1937
state supported first college in Utah created as state supported two year institution; in 1959 became branch of University of Utah as the College of Eastern Utah; independent after 1963; merger approved with Utah State University in March 2010 www.utahtravelcenter.com/pointsofinterest/education/collegeofeasternutah.htm
College of Saint Mary-of-the-Wasatch Salt Lake City Utah 1875 1969 Sisters of the Holy Cross
Schier and Russett.  Catholic Women's Colleges in America.  2002.
Sheldon Jackson College Salt Lake City Utah 1875

founded as the Salt Lake Collegiate Institute, a preparatory school; first offered college classes in 1897 as Sheldon Jackson College on campus in downtown Salt Lake City; in 1902 adopted new name as Westminster College www.westminstercollege.edu/about2/index.cfm?parent=260&detail=268
Stevens Henager College Salt Lake City Utah 1907 1973
Songe, Alice H.  American Universities and Colleges: A Dictionary of Name Changes.  1978.
University of Deseret Salt Lake City Utah 1850 1892 Latter Day Saints predecesor to University of Utah www.lib.utah.edu/150/01/
Medical College of Utah Morgan City Utah Territory 1882 1883
Utah Career College Salt Lake City Utah 1977
proprietary founded as the Bryman School; name change to Utah Career College; offered Applied Science degree after 1995 and B.S. after 2006; in June, 2010 name change to Broadview University http://www.broadviewuniversity.edu/about/history.aspx
Utah Technical College at Provo Orem Utah 1941

founded as Central Utah Vocational School; name changed to Utah Trade Technical Institute in 1963, to Utah Technical College at Provo in 1967, to Utah Valley Community College in 1987 and to Utah Valley State College in 1994; will become Utah Valley University in July 2008 http://www.uvsc.edu

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