Article - Social Science Degree Careers:

The study of social sciences can cover a wide range of topics, but mostly focuses on the human perspective of the world and our society as a whole. There are many interesting and fulfilling careers available for those with a college diploma in social science. Students who study the social sciences must be proficient in mathematics, science, English, and typically need to learn a foreign language. This is so the graduates are able to communicate effectively with others who may speak a different language. Political science, history, and geography are also very important since each applies to the world around us as well as our society. Psychology is recommended for those who wish to pursue a career in social work or other related fields. The main purpose of a social science diploma is to be able to better understand how people act and function in the world. It is essential to study these things in order to gain a better grasp of how society functions in the business, political, and social arena.

Many graduates that get their degree in social science work within the governmental infrastructure. This can include: social welfare divisions such as child protection or it can include the medical portion of the government that deals with the less fortunate, elderly, and children. Often, graduates are licensed to provide counseling to individuals and families. This means that they must have some background in psychology, including family and child psychology. Social workers help to assess different situations and provide help and potential solutions. They often give input to their clients or customers and help them to become productive members of society. Political scientists tend to have a background in social science. The study of politics requires the ability to understand how our government structures its policies to work with the modern society and its people. Education is a potential career choice, although most educators receive a school diploma in whatever major subject they plan to teach, such as English.

Other career options for those with a degree in social science include: human resources, community service based non profit organizations, and business management. All of these careers require students have a love and an understanding for humanity, and can work with people from all walks of life. In the human resources sector, graduates must understand current human resource and labor laws, as well as how to deal with employees in the workplace. Community service workers can participate in fundraising, building homes for the less fortunate, food drives, or any number of socially related assistance programs. In business, people with a degree in social science can work with companies to help develop new products or work in marketing to help determine what types of advertising or marketing plans will appeal to society and the company's target audience. There are many opportunities for those who receive a degree in social science. Communication between people and understanding humanity are the keys to being successful in this field.

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