Article - What is a Career Diploma:

Career diplomas are formal documents issued by a vocational or technical school. The diploma affirms that the student has successfully completed all course work necessary to receive this type of certification. A typical career diploma is not focused on a broad area of expertise, as is the case with many university degree programs. Instead, the process of earning a career diploma involves specific training that qualifies the student for specific types of career options.

A career diploma is not concerned with providing the student with an education in a number of general subjects along with the core subject. The curriculum designed for earning a particular career diploma may include some basic educational courses such as English or basic math courses, but the focus will be on coursework directly related to the subject matter for the diploma. For this reason, pursuing this type of diploma at a technical school may be an excellent educational option for people who are not inclined to attend a university or four-year college. The student is able to focus specifically on learning and acquiring the skills needed to function within a specific career.

Examples of a career diploma vary from one school to another. Some common examples of this type of certification include carpentry, home plumbing, restaurant management, baking, and home inspection. Some schools may offer a career diploma in office management, or customer service and support. There are even study options such as jewelry cleaning and maintenance, and inventory management. The coursework required to obtain the diploma mainly focuses on classes devoted to the learning of the specific trade, with no more general subjects included than are required for the school to be accredited by a recognized and reputable agency.

While it was once necessary to attend live classes in order to earn a career diploma that is no longer the case. Utilizing the Internet to attend virtual classes in a distance learning program is now a recognized way to earn a career diploma in a number of different career tracks. While some diplomas may be earned completely with online study, others require a combination of in-class time and online course work.

In addition to class work, there is sometimes the requirement to complete a fixed number of hours actively engaged in a workplace related to the course. For example, a student pursuing a career diploma in automotive repair may be required to work in a garage for twenty or so hours, in addition to attending classes and successfully completing the coursework. The combination of in-class learning combined with practical experience in the workplace can often enrich the learning process for the student.
One key factor to keep in mind, when evaluating a career diploma option, is the accreditation status of the school offering the program. Just as university degrees granted by unaccredited institutions are generally considered inferior to degrees granted by accredited institutions, a career diploma granted by an unaccredited technical school is likely to be considered of lesser value, regardless of the quality of the coursework and instruction process.

Fortunately, it is possible to locate online schools as well as brick and mortar institutions that are fully accredited to offer career diplomas to qualified students. While it may take some extra time, as well as more tuition and fees to complete coursework at an accredited technical school, the diploma will be recognized by more employers and thus increase your chances of securing a job that is the right fit for your newly acquired expertise.

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