Article - How to Choose the Best Fake University Degree or Diploma:

The internet is flooded with websites offering to make the best and most authentic fake university diplomas. But are all of them as good as they claim? Sadly, no.

Then how do you choose the best among the crowd? (Hint: If you’re reading this article, you have already landed with the best!) Let us tell you a few secrets that differentiate the best fake university diploma creators from the scammers!


Beware of any amateurs who have started fresh. It takes a while in any business to iron the kinks, just as Phony Diploma has gained much experience over the years in making fake university degrees.

Customer Service

A good customer service translates into a high quality product. Phony Diploma offers live chat, telephone call or email for customers to contact with any queries regarding the fake university degrees.

Timely Delivery

If you are ordering a fake university degree, it’s most likely because you are in a time constraint. The company issuing the fake document should be mindful of this and ensure that delivery is made on time. Phony Diploma goes the extra mile to deliver your order in time. If the delivery takes longer than promised, we reduce the delivery cost.


Unlike other companies, Phony Diploma sends your fake university degree in a discreetly packaged UPS box with no mention of “fake” or “phony”. This saves the client from any embarrassment or suspicion.

Payment Method

A company accepting credit or debit card payments is a proof of its authenticity. Phony Diploma accepts all major credit and debit cards from VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. 

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews are a reflection of the company’s product and service. Read the customer reviews about Phony Diploma and see for yourself why the company is the best for fake university degrees.

As far as ratings are concerned, Phony Diploma is among top fake diploma websites on the internet as per!

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