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A college degree is not for everyone, while the device can indeed improve job prospects and earning potential, some may find the process either too expensive or time consuming. Fortunately, matriculating to get a college diploma is not the only career path available and for some, attending a trade school may be an excellent choice.

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No matter if it is called a trade school, vocational school or the ability to earn a career degree, this type of education focuses on teaching student the skills needed to perform particular jobs. While this type of education may cost additional money, the process of earning a career degree is far less costly than going to a traditional college and will allow students to enter the work force and earn an income sooner than later. No matter if a person is interested in style, health care or technology, there are many options available (source Top Ten Reviews 2013).

Top 10 Trade School Job Options
  • 10. Massage Therapists: The human touch is powerful, it is for that there is Archaeological evidence how the practice being conducted in ancient civilizations ranging from China to Mesopotamia. Aside from helping to reduce stress and encourage relaxation, also provides benefits including reducing pain, levels of anxiety and even lowering blood pressure. Individuals interested in pursuing this career path are required to get a specific formal education (focusing on anatomy and the human body), licenses and formal certification. The reward for those efforts is a completely flexible work schedule and the thanks of grateful clients.
  • 9. Pharmacy Technicians: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention nearly 50 percent of Americans take prescription medications. Unlike over-the-counter remedies, these drugs can only be doled out by trained professionals. While certification is not mandatory, competition for these jobs is tough and those with the right credentials (like a pharmaceutical degree career have the advantage.
  • 8. Dental Assistants: Maintaining a health smile is important to most people living in conventional society a person trained to deliver professional dental care can always find work. Earning a high school diploma is the first step and that can either be followed up by earning the proper certification or an associates degree (the specifics vary from state to state). Depending on the state of employment, the tasks associated with this job range from tool sterilization, tooth cleaning to taking X-rays. As more Americans are aging and getting long in the tooth, the more opportunities are available in this field.
  • 7. Graphic Designers: Some students are natural born artists and while the fine arts are worthy of the masters, working graphic designers are constantly in demand for their skills. A talented artist who has mastered creative programs such as Photoshop and has the portfolio to prove their abilities may be able to go straight from high school graduate to working stiff; others may want to pursue an associate's degree to get ahead in this field.
  • 6. Radiology Technicians: The naked eye can only reveal so much about one's health, sometimes X-rays are required and licensed technicians are the people to do the job. Skipping the college degree is fine, however, licensure and certification is required for this work. This position requires an associate's degree and certification renewal every couple of years.
  • 5. Medical Assistants: Providing health care for the nation's aging citizens is challenging and it is also the reason why the health care job market is bustling. After earning a nursing degree this particular health related position will work directly with patients an under doctor supervision.
  • 4. Paralegals: Working towards a < HREF="/what-can-i-do-with-a-law-degree.aspx">law degree is a time-consuming and expensive task and individuals who want to work in the field without worrying about "billable hours" may be perfectly suited to this position. These professionals spend their gathering the information needed for a lawyer regarding trials, hearings and meetings with significantly less time and expense than licensed lawyers.
  • 3. Respiratory Therapists: Have we mentioned that health care is a booming business. This particular position will require nerves of steel as in addition to performing routine tests, this work can help determine the life or death of a patient as this therapist can help a person breath when they are most in need. Individuals can get involved with this industry courtesy of an associate's degree in respiratory therapy and CRT, career advancement is linked to earning a bachelor's degree
  • 2. Licensed Practical Nurses: Providing health care for the nation's aging citizens is challenging and it is also the reason why the health care job market is bustling. After earning a nursing degree this particular health related position will work directly with patients an under doctor supervision.
  • 1. Computer Programmers: The new economy is based on technology and individuals who have the brain for computer sciences are leading the pack for the top 10 vocational positions. Although there are plenty of institutions and programs dedicated to the skills, some people are naturally wired for the task. As long as a candidate can prove they have the mad skills associated with the task they can immediately enter the field. However, earning a bachelor's degree can help with career advancement.

Everyone has the responsibility of earning money and supporting themselves, there is no law that dictates that the task must be done in a certain way. Trailblazers who want to hit the ground running and start earning money without a traditional college education may find that choosing a vocation is the smartest career move available.

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