Article - The Paper Airplane Guide:

Paper airplanes, you know the ones, the kind we made as kids. They are easy to make, fun to use and with a little imagination, can open up a world of aerodynamic possibilities for kids and adults of all ages.

The origins of paper airplanes are subject to debate. Some say they date back to the drawings and ideas of Leonardo da Vinci. Others claim it dates back to George Cayley, whose work in the principles of aerodynamics led to the design of the first human glider. And other historians point to the work of Jack Northrup, who is the co-founder of Lockheed Corporation, used paper airplanes to test principles of real life airplane designs.

There have been many different types of paper airplanes ranging from the simply folded paper airplane to balsa wood flyers to origami planes to more elaborate propelled models. Whichever type of paper plane, advancements in technology has changed the types of paper planes that are available.

There are many resources available on the Internet which can help people understand the concepts and designs behind paper planes. We have collected some of the most helpful resources for your reading, and paper airplane flying, pleasure:

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